Skin Cancer - Melanoma

Martucci family photo

Melanoma Survivor: ‘Remember What You’re Fighting For’

"My advice for anyone going through treatment is to concentrate on what makes you happy. You should never forget the end goal and what you are fighting for. I was given another chance, and for that I am forever grateful."
Josh Davis

Melanoma Survivor: ‘Relay For Life Saved My Life’

"Cancer doesn't pick an age, gender, or race. Everybody is susceptible. Teens, kids, and college students think they're invincible, but they're really not."
Janet Cherry Hughes and 3 daughters

Melanoma Survivor Practices, Preaches Sun Safety

"I'm tweeting, Facebooking, talking to anyone I see, and driving people nuts. I'm obnoxious, but I don't care. Man, I wish I hadn't lain out in that stupid sun; it's so not worth it."