When Cancer Comes Back: Cancer Recurrence

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When Cancer Comes Back: Cancer Recurrence

You have completed your cancer treatment and are ready to move on with your life. You’ve gotten used to seeing your health care team less often and things are getting back to normal. Maybe you feel as if you are ready to go back to work full time, or become a more active member of your household. Or, you may still feel emotionally exhausted and tired from the treatments you had. Maybe you feel tired in body and spirit and need a long rest. You think you’ve just survived the biggest battle of your life, but now the doctor tells you it’s not over – you haven’t won the battle yet. The cancer has returned.

Once treatment is completed, many cancer survivors find they have still have issues and concerns that they did not expect. The one people fear the most is the news that the cancer has come back.

Last Medical Review: 07/28/2015
Last Revised: 07/28/2015