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Ordering and storing supplies

Keep all your supplies together on a shelf, in a drawer, or in a box in a dry area away from hot or cold temperatures.

Order supplies a few weeks before you expect to run out to allow enough time for delivery. But don't stockpile supplies -- they can be ruined by moisture and temperature changes.

To order pouches, skin barriers, and other ostomy products, you will need the manufacturer’s name and product numbers. Supplies may be ordered from a mail order company, from a medical supply store, or from a local pharmacy. If you want to order supplies online, talk with your nurse about reputable dealers who can supply you with what you need. You will also want to check with your health insurance to be sure that they work with the company in question. You may want to compare prices when using mail order and the Internet (remember to include shipping costs). For information and help ordering, you may contact a local ostomy nurse, the product manufacturer, you local phone book's business pages, or the Internet (try the search words "ostomy supplies").

Last Medical Review: 03/17/2011
Last Revised: 03/17/2011