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If you are hospitalized while you have a urostomy

Take your ostomy supplies with you if you have to be in the hospital. The hospital may not have the same type you use. Be ready to do some explaining and teaching, especially if you are in a hospital where urostomy patients are rare, or if you go for a problem not related to your ostomy.

Do not assume all hospital staff know a lot about urostomies. Do not let hospital staff do anything you think may be harmful. If you’re in doubt about any procedure, ask to talk to your doctor first.

Also ask to have the following information listed on your chart:

  • Your type of ileal conduit or continent diversion
  • Details of your management routine and the products you use
  • A reminder to not take a urine specimen from the urostomy pouch. (To get a specimen, a catheter should be put into the stoma.)

Last Medical Review: 12/02/2014
Last Revised: 12/02/2014