Sexuality for the Man With Cancer

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What about herbs or natural cures for erection problems?

Many supplements are sold over the counter as “natural” cures for erection problems. These herbs and supplements have not been proven to help men regain erections. And in the past, many supplements have not been found to contain the ingredients listed on their labels.

Another problem is that some of the supplements contain ingredients that are not listed on their labels. Even though they are sold as “natural supplements” to help erections, some have been found to contain sildenafil (Viagra) or drugs much like it. As these are discovered by the FDA, the pills are recalled, but usually not until many men have already taken them. These supplements can be very risky because the contents are not labeled correctly and the man doesn’t know what he’s getting. One danger is that he may take other medicines that interact with the drug in a harmful or even fatal way. Or he may take too much of a substance that’s said to be harmless and without side effects, not knowing what to expect. Talk to your doctor about any over-the-counter treatment you are thinking about trying.

Last Medical Review: 08/19/2013
Last Revised: 08/19/2013