A Guide to Chemotherapy

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Will I be able to work during chemo treatment?

Whether you can continue work, school, and other activities depends on your treatment and how it affects you. For some treatments, you may need to stay in a hospital for a week or more, but many people are able to keep working during treatment. You might be able to schedule your treatments late in the day or right before the weekend so that they interfere with work as little as possible.

If chemo makes you tired, try to adjust your work schedule for a while. You may be able to arrange a part-time schedule or work from home. If you get health insurance from your employer, you’ll want to keep your job during treatment. Federal and state laws may require some employers to allow you to work a flexible schedule during your treatment.

To find out more about keeping your health insurance and your rights as an employee, call your local American Cancer Society office or our toll-free number. You can also find out about employment-related rights by contacting your congressional or state representatives.

Last Medical Review: 06/09/2015
Last Revised: 06/09/2015