Understanding Radiation Therapy

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Who gives radiation treatments?

During your radiation therapy, you will have a team of medical professionals caring for you. Your team may include these people:

  • Radiation oncologist: A doctor specially trained to treat cancer patients with radiation. This person is in charge of your radiation treatment plan.
  • Radiation physicist: This is the person who makes sure the radiation equipment is working as it should and that it gives you the dose prescribed by your radiation oncologist.
  • Dosimetrist: Supervised by the radiation physicist, this person helps the radiation oncologist plan the treatment.
  • Radiation therapist or radiation therapy technologist: This is the person who operates the radiation equipment and positions you for treatment.
  • Radiation therapy nurse: This nurse has special training in cancer treatment and can give you information about radiation treatment and managing side effects.

You may also need the services of a dietitian, physical therapist, medical or clinical social worker, dentist or dental oncologist, or other health care professionals.

Last Medical Review: 05/02/2014
Last Revised: 05/02/2014