A Guide to Cancer Surgery

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What will surgery for cancer be like?

Your surgery experience depends on many things, including the disease being treated, the type of operation being done, and your overall health. There are probably as many different surgical techniques as there are diseases to treat, so each case is different.

It’s not possible to get into the specifics of each type of operation here. If you’d like more detail, you can find it in the treatment sections of our documents on specific types of cancer. Call us at 1-800-227-2345 or see the “Learn About Cancer” section of our website to get this information.

Still, some parts of the surgical experience are much the same in almost all types of operations. They include pre-operative testing and preparation, the surgery itself (usually including some type of anesthesia to get you through the surgery), and a recovery period.

Last Medical Review: 09/03/2014
Last Revised: 09/29/2014