Lane Adams Quality of Life Award

The American Cancer Society Lane Adams Quality of Life Award is presented to those unique caregivers who lead in their areas of expertise and make a significant impact on patients, families and communities.

Nominees for the Lane Adams Quality of Life award can include physicians, nurse practitioners, RNs, social workers, chaplains, technologists and volunteers who provide direct care, counsel, and/or service to cancer patients and their families. Society volunteers are eligible for this award but Society involvement is not essential. Healthcare systems and family members caring for their loved ones with cancer are not eligible to receive the award.  

CEO Gary Reedy and Immediate Past Board of Directors Chair Scarlott K. Mueller with 2016 Lane Adams Quality of Life award winners

Why do we give this award?

The objective of this award is to recognize and reward individuals who are innovative and consistently provide excellent and compassionate skilled care, counsel, and/or service to persons with cancer and their families.

The concept of the “warm hand of service," an integral part of the Society’s commitment to excellence in cancer care, was given special emphasis by Lane W. Adams when he served as executive vice president of the American Cancer Society. Lane's definition of the warm hand of service was "to serve others and enrich the purpose of one's existence."

The implementation of this concept poses special challenges in these times of fiscal constraint and technological advances that sometimes distance the caregiver from the patient. The award recognizes those who are providing care and support which impacts the quality of life for cancer patients and their families. This award seeks to recognize those individuals who go beyond the duties of their positions to make a difference in the daily struggles of cancer patients yet their contributions are seldom significantly acknowledged.

Nomination Process

The Lane Adams Quality of Life Awards program is managed by Enterprise Volunteer Engagement Team and nominees are selected by the Lane Adams Quality of Life Awards Selection Workgroup. The Workgroups carefully review each nominee’s application against the specified requirements and shares with the American Cancer Society Board of Directors.

Nomination Requirements

Nominees should:

  • Provide direct care, counsel, and/or service to cancer patients and their families
  • Have a demonstrated record of outstanding performance that goes above and beyond the usual roles and responsibilities associated with his or her position
  • Serve as a role model to his or her colleagues by teaching/training/educating others either formally or informally
  • Demonstrate innovative and collaborative approaches to enhancing the quality of life for cancer patients and their families by using creative problem-solving skills to eliminate obstacles to care or improve care
  • Creates/develops services to fill unmet needs
  • Advocate for individual patients, groups or system changes to improve care
  • Promotes health care access outside their specific job/role.

Download the Lane Adams Quality of Life Award Nomination Form.

Nominations are due May 25, 2018.

For more information, email Caira Turner or call 1.919.334.5235