Luther L. Terry Award Categories

Six separate and distinct awards constitute the Luther L. Terry Awards:

The Young Pioneer Award recognizes an emerging leader who is championing a breakthrough idea/technology/program/campaign that is advancing the field of tobacco control beyond traditional efforts with demonstrated positive outcomes. This award is intended to celebrate the achievements of a new generation of tobacco control leaders and their burgeoning contribution to the field, expressed through innovation and implementation of new ideas and intervention development. Nominees should be early career – 40 years of age or younger.

The Outstanding Individual Leadership Award recognizes a person who has demonstrated important and impactful contributions to the implementation of priority areas of tobacco control. The award honors leadership and creative effectiveness in generating and/or applying scientific knowledge and/or innovative programs to the betterment of public health and in furthering the goals of tobacco prevention and control. Nominees should be mid-career.

The Distinguished Career Award recognizes an individual’s long-term leadership in the field of tobacco control. Nominees should have made significant and well-recognized contributions to the field and have noticeably furthered the goals of tobacco control. Distinguished Career Award nominees will have served as role models and mentors to others in the tobacco control movement. Nominees should be late-career or retired.