Trish Greene Quality of Life Award

The Trish Greene Quality of Life Award is presented annually to recognize an outstanding investigator in the field of quality of life research and recognizes the importance of the significant contributions of researchers who have devoted a significant portion of their careers to the various areas of quality of life, and have accomplished outstanding research that benefits cancer patients and their families. Nominees for the Trish Greene Quality of Life Award can include individuals whose research may be from any discipline in the oncology field, and the research may address quality of life concerns at any stage in the cancer continuum, from diagnosis through survivorship or palliative care. Recipients of the American Cancer Society Medal of Honor Award are not eligible. 

Why do we give this award?

This award honors the life and work of the late Patricia (Trish) Greene, RN, PhD. Dr. Greene served in a variety of roles as both a volunteer and professional staff member throughout her 20 year association with the Society. The Trish Greene Quality of Life Award honors Dr. Greene’s memory and recognizes the importance of those who have devoted a significant portion of their careers to the various areas of quality of life and have accomplished outstanding research that benefits cancer patients and their families.

Nomination process

The Trish Greene Quality of Life Awards program is managed by Enterprise Volunteer
Engagement Team and nominees are selected by the Trish Greene Quality of Life Awards Selection Workgroup. The Workgroups carefully review each nominee’s application against the specified requirements and shares with the American Cancer Society Board of Directors.

Nomination requirements

Nominees must be alive at the time of nomination and should:

  • Be someone whose body of work illustrates, over the years, outstanding, innovative contributions to research that improve the quality of life of cancer patients and their families
  • Have a history of contributions to oncology quality of life research, including receipt of grants, publications, leadership, and honors
  • Not have previously been honored with this award

For more information, email Caira Turner or call 1.919.334.5235