Prevent 6 Cancers with the HPV Vaccine

Kids dream big. From astronauts to rock stars– the sky’s the limit. Give your kids a better chance of realizing those dreams. Give them the vaccine that helps prevent 6 types of cancer later in life. Getting your child vaccinated against HPV now can help keep him or her healthy well into adulthood.

mother, son and doctor having conversation
text blurb about talking to your child's doctor. If your son or daughter is near age 11, ask their doctor about the HPV vaccine.

Watch This Video = Know the Facts

The HPV vaccine can protect your child’s future because it helps prevent six types of cancer later in life.

  • HPV vaccination is cancer prevention.
  • HPV vaccination is safe.
  • HPV vaccination is recommended at age 11 or 12, for both boys and girls.
  • HPV vaccination is 1 of 3 vaccines all children need at this age.

The truth about HPV

Scan these quick facts on the life-saving benefits of vaccination.

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More Resources

Click on the links below to learn more about the American Cancer Society’s HPV vaccine use guidelines and commitment to eliminate cervical cancer.    

American Cancer Society HPV Vaccine Use Guideline
American Cancer Society Elimination Statement on Cervical Cancer [PDF]