In Texas: HPV Vaccination Is Cancer Prevention    

Preventing cancer? That’s a dream as big as Texas. Help your child achieve their dreams by helping them prevent HPV cancers. The HPV vaccine helps prevent 6 types of cancer. Parents can protect their child by getting them vaccinated at age 11 or 12. It all begins by asking for this safe and effective vaccine at their next doctor’s appointment. 

What you need to know about HPV vaccination

Texas’ vaccination rate is surprisingly low. Only 39% of kids receive the vaccine. Texas ranks 44th out of 50 states for HPV vaccine rates among children ages 13 to 17. We know Texas can do better!

Talking to your child's doctor about the HPV vaccine



Talk to your child's doctor

If your son or daughter is near age 11, ask their doctor about the HPV vaccine. Getting your child vaccinated against HPV now is the best way to prevent HPV cancers later.

Where to get the HPV vaccine in Texas & how to pay for it

Parents can ask for the HPV vaccine at their child’s next doctor’s appointment or call 2-1-1 Texas to find a health care provider.

Insurance plans will probably cover the HPV vaccine cost if it is given according to national guidelines. But check with your insurance plan to be sure. The HPV vaccine is available to all uninsured or underinsured boys and girls between the ages of 9 and 18 through the Texas Vaccines for Children (TVFC) program

This program covers vaccine costs for children and teens who don’t have insurance. The TVFC program provides free vaccines to children and teens younger than 19 years of age, who are either Medicaid-eligible, American Indian or Alaska Native, or uninsured

HPV & Me

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