About the Circle Of Life

The American Cancer Society's Circle Of Life (COL) was originally developed in 1991 growing out of a collobration of the Society with American Indian women in Oklahoma. The orginial program focused on increasing breast health awareness, and included a train the trainer model that was shared across the nation. Since then, the Circle Of Life has undergone two revisions, one in 2001 and another in 2008-2009. Currently, the COL addresses cancer information needs of American Indian communities across the cancer continuum by providing resources and training. Important cultural values such as the mind-body-spirit connection, storytelling, the importance elders-intergenerational connectivity, and visual communication are also interwoven throughout the materials. COL also recognizes the invaluable role that Community Health Representatives (CHRs) play, and aims to educate them about cancer via a train the trainer model. Communities implementing the COL have access to local support via our health system staff. Interested communities should reach out to their local primary care or health system staff person to request more information about the COL and training opportunities.

About Our Website

The Circle Of Life website houses most of the resources we share during our in person trainings including:

  • Narrative modules-offer in-depth cancer information broken out by topic and available to download by chapter
  • Factsheets- one page overviews on a variety of cancer topics
  • Activities and Games-interactive games/activities that can be used as teaching tools
  • Planning Tools-tools you can use when thinking about how to utilize COL materials
  • Knowledge Assessments- Pre/post training/session questions that can be utilized to assess cancer knowledge change
  • 80% by 2018 materials-Poster that can be used to promote 80% by 2018 campaign
  • Survivorship Boooklet-this booklet share important information about what to expect next for survivors ending their cancer treatment

There are materials such as the COL editable powerpoint presentations that are not available via our website. If you would like to receive a presentation please email us at circleoflife@cancer.org.  


Additional Materials

Life After Treatment: A Guide for American Indians and Alaska Natives Booklet

Life After Treatment is a guide that was developed by the National Cancer Survivorship Resource Center. This resource was then adapted for use in native populations and to supplement COL resources.

80% by 2018 Promotional Poster  

The American Cancer Society launched a campaign in 2016 to increase colorectal cancer screening rates to 80% by 2018. In support of this work a promotional flyer was developed for native communities that are interested in this work.

For more information about 80% by 2018, please visit the National Colorectal Cancer Roundtable website.


Circle Of Life Promotional Materials

Promotional materials are available for communities that are interested in sharing cancer information by hosting a Circle Of Life education session. In the future communities will be able to add local contact information.

Circle Of Life Promotional Flyer

Circle Of Life Overview