Access the Circle Of Life Cancer Education and Wellness Curriculum




The original Circle Of Life journey began in 1991, with a program focusing on women's health and wellness. It grew from the original form, taking on the shapes and sizes of the communities that gave it life. It has since grown to encompass paths of wellness for men and women and to include new materials that have a fresh look and feel.

American Cancer Society staff and 30 American Indian and Alaska Native people representing diverse communities came together in 2009 to give the Circle Of Life initiative a fresh look and focus. The women and men who generously participated in this effort included educators, health care professionals, spiritual leaders, scientists, cancer survivors, family members, and community members. 

As communities choose to use and adapt these resources to make a difference in their story of cancer, the Circle Of Life journey will continue. We look forward to working with you to support meaningful conversations and share this important information.