Meet Our Donors

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Many of our friends like you are taking advantage of special gift arrangements that will have a meaningful impact on the fight against cancer. These arrangements often provide them significant financial benefits such as increased income, lower income tax, bypass of capital gains, elimination of potential estate taxes, diversification of assets, and more.

Read their inspiring stories about how cancer has impacted their lives—and how they are fighting back.

Jeanne Harris

When you hear the expression “planned giving,” consider the face of a youthful female, busy raising three children.

Homer and Loretta Gelbaugh

Ask cancer survivor Loretta Gelbaugh and her husband Homer of rural Pennsylvania if their marriage of 20 years together has flown by, and they'll tell you undoubtedly so.

Anita and John Casazza

If it hadn’t been for a landlord who was late with the rent, Anita and John Casazza might never have met, much less have gotten married 17 years ago.

Florence Preisler

When Florence Preisler and her husband, Murray, decided to establish a generous charitable gift annuity on behalf of the American Cancer Society, she could not have imagined how personal an issue cancer was about to become for her.

Donna Taube

When Donna Taube was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2001, she assumed all she could do was trust her doctor and hope for the best.

Edward "Ted" Dunn

Coach Ted Dunn receives financial benefits while he helps save more lives and honor his wife, Ann, whom he lost to cancer.