Meet Elected Officials Face to Face

By far, the most effective way to articulate your views to your elected officials and positively affect the outcome of legislation and of policy debates is to speak with lawmakers face-to-face.

First, you must schedule an appointment. If the lawmaker is unavailable on your selected meeting date, meet with the staff member who handles the issue. These meetings are extremely effective.

When meeting with the lawmaker or staffer, be sure to discuss how the legislation will directly affect you, your friends and your family. Personal stories make an impact and truly achieve results.

Always be polite, and follow up your visit with a personal letter thanking the lawmaker of staffer for his or her time. Also, be sure to offer your expertise or assistance on the issue in the future.

One of the most convenient ways to visit your lawmakers is via their local offices, especially if you're a long distance from Washington, DC, or your state capitol. All members of Congress, state legislators, elected officials and many other policymakers have offices near you.