Eastern Division reaches CPS3 goal


American Cancer Society board of directors member, Dr. Arnold Baskies (center, holding plaque) and Virtua staff made CPS3 a success in South Jersey.

Study goal surpassed six months ahead of schedule

Last week, the American Cancer Society’s Eastern Division (New York and New Jersey) became the first Division to surpass its Cancer Prevention Study-3 (CPS-3) enrollment goal. And they did it six months ahead of schedule.

A total of 24,717 enrolled participants put us over the top! What makes this success all the more sweet is that all of the remaining planned enrollments will help ensure the organization reaches its nationwide goal of 300,000 people enrolled. Thank you to everyone who enrolled, volunteered, or helped spread the word about community enrollments.

What makes this success all the more inspiring is the story behind it. Last November, as Hurricane Sandy pounded the Northeastern United States, Eastern cancelled enrollments expected to bring in 2,500 new participants. Despite the catastrophic effects from the storm in New Jersey and New York, staff and volunteers did not waiver in their commitment to our mission and to CPS-3. They stood ready in 2013 to make up for lost time and were more determined than ever to make their goal. Staff was driven by a mantra first shared by Kris Kim, senior vice president for operations and soon-to-be the Division’s executive vice president, "We cannot be the first generation to fail the next."

The friends, family, and neighbors that these volunteers and staff members helped enroll are equally as dedicated to the life-saving study. In fact, one participant was so determined to enroll that despite being hospitalized for a broken hip, she had her nurses bring her to the hospital enrollment site in a wheelchair so she would not miss out on being a part of cancer's last stand. 

Danielle Heller, regional community mission manager in the Hudson Valley, said it best in a note she sent to Dr. Alpa Patel, the strategic director of CPS-3: "CPS-3 has to be one of the most exciting and rewarding initiatives I have ever been involved in. As my two daughters play with their Barbie dolls, who they claim are ‘cancer fighting superhero women,’ I know the work I am doing at ACS is having a tremendous impact on their lives and the lives of so many others.  Very few people get to wake up each day and fight for something they believe in.  All of us involved in CPS-3 are a part of the next wave of cancer answers. Our legacy will be experienced by all generations to come. Now that is a good day at work!"