Valentine's Day Non-Smoker's Survival Kit

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American Cancer Society Suggests a Meaningful, and Low-Cost, Valentine for the Smoker in Your Life


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New York, NY (February 13, 2012) - Chocolate and flowers are great gifts on February 14th; but if your Valentine is a smoker, chances are they need something more meaningful. Replace that box of chocolate with a box of motivation by creating a Non-Smoker’s Survival Kit. It’s a perfect – and low-cost – way to show someone how much you genuinely care.

To create your Non-Smoker’s Survival Kit, simply take a shoebox and fill it with it with three or more of the items listed below. Some items, like photos, are free of charge. Others, like a stress ball, can be purchased at a low cost. No matter which items you choose, top your kit off with QuitBuddy’s name and number. QuitBuddy is a debut smoking cessation tool from the American Cancer Society. Simply text QUIT to 22723 to opt in and receive daily texts about the dangers of smoking. Then text BUDDY to 22723 to receive instant messages of encouragement and support. The tool is free of charge but standard text messaging rates apply. QuitBuddy is also available on Twitter @QuitBuddyTweets.

For your perfect Valentine’s Day Non-Smoker's Survival Kit, choose three or more…

Healthy gift certificate: When someone successfully quits smoking, they often feel empowered to make additional healthy lifestyle changes. Encourage your Valentine’s newfound healthy lifestyle with a gift certificate to a local health food store or natural market- anywhere that they can find vitamins, healthy snacks, and organic products.

Stress ball: Stress and cravings go hand in hand. A stress ball or hand exerciser is a helpful, and healthy, outlet for any craving related anxiety. Plus it gives smokers something to do with their hands other than lighting a cigarette.

Personal photos: Quitting smoking is a deeply personal journey, and many former smokers cite adding years to time spent with loved ones as the deciding factor in their decision to quit. Use photos to remind your Valentine of all the reasons they have to stay smoke free. Pictures of past vacations and holidays can be great motivational tools.

Gum: Gum or lollipops are a sweet alternative to smoking a cigarette. But make sure they’re sugar free! You don’t want your Valentine replacing one unhealthy habit with another.

Phone list: When a smoker wants to reach for a cigarette, they should reach for their phone instead. Remind your Valentine that support is only a text message away with a pocket-size phone list of smoke-free and supportive family and friends. And for those late night or working hours, be sure to include QuitBuddy’s number and Twitter handle: 22723 and @QuitBuddyTweets.

Shoelaces: Activities like jogging, biking or basketball can be great outlets for all of the pent-up energy that smokers experience when trying to quit. You may not have the funds to buy a Huffy for your honey, but sneakers or shoelaces are a great place to start. As an added bonus, exercise also feels better as a non-smoker and helps keep off the post-quit pounds!

Toothpicks: In addition to the addictive chemicals, smokers often miss the feeling of having something in their mouth. Toothpicks are a potential non-toxic replacement. You can also try cinnamon sticks, straws or stir sticks.

Wallet: Quitting smoking is not only good for your health; it’s good for your bank account! Prepare your Valentine for the wads of cash they soon will be saving with a new (and bigger) wallet.

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