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Illinois schools seek your support to create a cancer-free future

Relay Recess® and Relay Field Day® programs give students from kindergarten through junior high a chance to join the cancer fight, starting with their own good health.

This year, these innovative programs will reach kids and tweens from the classroom to the gym and playground, taking on issues such as how to reduce “screen time” and eat well on the go.

Volunteers of all ages – many actively involved with Relay For Life® – are bringing these programs to local schools. Students who take part also have the chance to raise funds for the American Cancer Society, empowering them to help adults who are struggling with cancer.

At Martin Luther King, Jr. School in Evanston, a committee of older students led the way, “engaging our youngest students in ways that made them feel empowered,” says 5th grade teacher and Relay Recess coordinator Ronna Pritikin-Berk.

“It was moving to see kindergarteners and first-graders fill a giant poster with the names of parents and grandparents touched by cancer,” Ronna says. “They knew they were helping people close to them, and I think for many it was a healing experience.”

Ronna’s student committee delivered health messages to the K-8 student body, working closely with volunteer Dana Stamos, who made Relay Recess the focus of her senior studies project at Evanston Township High School.

“It was neat to see how excited the kids were about health topics like keeping active,” says Dana, now a college freshman. “The fact that these students could join the fight against cancer at such a young age is what makes Relay Recess great. It was fun to help them work out ways to make positive changes, and I know they’re proud of the $6,000 we raised.”


  • REAL-LIFE LESSONS in leadership, goal-setting, teamwork and giving back
  • STRONGER SCHOOL SPIRIT with roles for parents and grandparents, too
  • HEALTHY HABITS learned while having fun!
  • AGE-APPROPRIATE programs: Relay Recess for elementary kids and Relay Field Day for junior high and middle schoolers
  • THE CHANCE TO HELP OTHERS by raising funds that support your local Relay For Life

BRING IT TO YOUR SCHOOL! Volunteer to help teachers host local programs and your Relay team will receive credit for all dollars raised. LEARN MORE: and


250,000 lives could be saved each year if all Americans followed the Society’s wellness guidelines, available at

$360,000 in Society grants will support community-based programs to combat youth obesity in Illinois during 2012, all made possible by your support