Eat Well to Get Well

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Good nutrition helps cancer patients feel better and fight their disease more effectively. Still, many find that eating well becomes a struggle due to treatment side effects such as nausea and difficulty swallowing.

The American Cancer Society's new cookbook, What to Eat During Cancer Treatment, has comforting, flavorful answers for these and other challenges.

Recipes to soothe symptoms
The book's 100 recipes are organized by symptom and flagged with colorful symptom icons. Most recipes help with more than one symptom, giving readers more than 220 great-tasting options for symptom relief.

Healthful recipes such as Mini Shepherd's Pies and Crunchy Asian Salad appeal to the whole family, eliminating the time and hassle of preparing separate meals.

Help in the kitchen – and away from home, too
Author Jeanne Besser worked closely with Society nutritionists to fill the cookbook with practical information. Bonus sections include:

  • Advice for the caregiver
  • Tips to make eating out easier
  • A list of kitchen staples to simplify meal preparation
  • Ideas for a take-along “food survival kit”
  • Guidance on maintaining a healthy weight throughout treatment

What to Eat During Cancer Treatment is a great resource for anyone facing cancer – and makes a thoughtful gift.  Order your copy now from our online bookstore. For more practical help in dealing with cancer, visit