Help us reach our CPS-3 goal!

Dr. David Rosenthal promotes CPS-3 on WGBH-TV

Between late April and late June, 4, 2013, 402 people in New England enrolled in CPS-3 at a community enrollment or a Relay For Life event. We are only 334 enrollees away from meeting our goal of 14,896 people by December 2013.

The study, which will help researchers better understand the lifestyle, environmental, and genetic factors that cause or prevent cancer, has received some good media coverage.

On May 14, David Rosenthal, MD, a longtime Society volunteer, and Janet McGrail, vice president of Health Initiatives in Massachusetts, appeared on Emily Rooney's Greater Boston show on WGBH-TV.  Rooney also spoke with Lynn Basilio, the Society's Health Systems Director in New England. Click here to watch the clip.

Additional enrollments will be coming up this fall, so look for details to follow.  And don’t forget there are enrollments happening across the country, so encourage family, college friends, or others to check out enrollments in their area.

Thank you for everything you do to support our CPS-3 efforts!

PHOTO: Janet McGrail, David Rosenthal, MD, and Emily Rooney on the set of Greater Boston at WGBH-TV.