Successful college Relay season ends, community Relay season kicks into high gear

Crowd at 2013 Northeastern University Relay For Life

Since February 2013, the New England Division has held 51 Relay For Life events at colleges and universities throughout the six New England states. They are expected to raise over $2,725,000 - more than $12,000 over goal.

Congratulations to Northeastern University (pictured above) and Boston College - ranked number 7 and 18, respectively, on the list of Top 25 college Relays in the country! Students at Northeastern raised $212,000, $67,000 more than they did in 2012. BC raised $146,000.

And, congratulations to the University of New Hampshire ($130,000), Boston University ($116,000), and Tufts University ($116,000) - ranked  27, 32, & 33, respectively.

Worcester Polytechnic Institute and Providence College are ranked 47 and 58, respectively.

Kayla Hindle being presented with a NE  Volunteer Values Award

Above, Jean Martinho, vice president of development in Massachusetts, presents Kayla Hindle with a 2013 Sandra C. Labaree Volunteer Values Award at the April 5, 2013, Relay For Life of Bridgewater State University.  Kayla has been a dedicated Relay volunteer throughout her college career. As a senior this year, Kayla has been a true volunteer leader, training fellow students to support the event next year and beyond, while working harder than ever to ensure the success of this year's Relay.  Here's a note she shared on Facebook:

Why do I Relay? I Relay because it brings together 700 students and various friends and relatives for an incredible cause. I Relay because when you are passionate about something, every goal is far surpassed. I Relay because there are so many gentlemen willing to act silly in the name of fighting cancer. I Relay because every survivor is a superhero and every lost loved one should be remembered. I Relay because I believe in a world with more birthdays and hope will always be louder than cancer. I Relay because this community blows me away year after year. I Relay because I don't know any other way to be.

Last night was incredible. Indescribable. Bittersweet. I have so many people to thank, from my dedicated committee members and staff partners to our superhero survivors to our courageous speakers to our passionate participants to our generous donors, vendors, and sponsors to my supportive family. I could not be more proud to leave my last Relay knowing that we raised over $73,000, an amazing $18,000 over our goal. With a little blood and sweat and a lot of tears, I put my whole heart into this event and every second makes it worth it. The kind words I heard all week, throughout the night, and still today touch me deeply. Thank you. Thank you all.
♥ Peace Love Relay

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