Al Jeffery

Homerville, Ohio
Prostate Cancer Survivor

Al JefferyI was diagnosed with prostate cancer in January of 2002. About a month later, I had my prostate removed. When I was diagnosed, I was not that surprised. My PSA was 14.2, and I was aware that anything over 10 was a pretty good sign I had cancer. Since my surgery, I have been involved with the American Cancer Society's Man to Man program and went to Columbus to be trained as an American Cancer Society Ambassador.

I have been involved in the Society's Relay For Life as a team captain and am now on the Medina Steering Committee.

The Society's Celebration on the Hill was one of the most memorable times I have ever experienced in my life. We did a lot of walking and met some terrific people while having a lot of fun. It was truly a great experience.

If I had not gotten cancer, I would not be involved with the American Cancer Society and would not have had the privilege of meeting so many super staff personnel and all the survivors. I do not blame God for my cancer; instead, I give Him credit for steering me to the American Cancer Society.