As a colorectal cancer survivor, Scott Lagasse is alive and healthy today because he got tested when he noticed symptoms that might indicate a problem. It was during his cancer battle that Scott discovered that colorectal cancer screening saves lives and is recommended for adults age 50 or older – even when no symptoms are present. Screen Your Machine™ is a collaborative effort with the American Cancer Society to encourage people to be screened for colon cancer, and to adhere to American Cancer Society screening guidelines for other cancers, as well.  

“For me, it is simple, when people get screened, lives are saved,” said Scott. “I didn’t realize how important screening is, but now that I know, I will spread the word and make a difference. It’s what I’m about. I wouldn’t be racing if I didn’t catch my cancer early. And if you’re over 50, it is time to “screen your machine,” whether you feel anything new or not.”

Colorectal cancer is the second leading cancer killer in the US among men and women combined, yet it can be prevented or detected early through screening. Scott reminds us, “The earlier you catch cancer, the better chance you have to survive and spend time doing what you love.”

Through this partnership, Scott Lagasse Racing and the American Cancer Society will provide NASCAR a fully integrated platform complete with information, education, messaging, and activation, while creating a lasting impact with NASCAR fans.

I didn’t even know colorectal cancer existed until I was diagnosed. My story goes to show that nobody is immune, even performance athletes like me. I was lucky and we caught it early.

Scott Lagasse - Colorectal cancer survivor, race car driver