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Students & Mentors Participating in ACS DICR Programs

Students, mentors, and staff applauded the pilot summer 2021
ACS DICR internship program.


Just a sample of interns from the summer 2021 ACS DICR program. 

Marelessis Palomino

Maya Larbi

Jade Underwood

Eduardo Peralta-Herrara

Kennedy Palmer

Emily Gamboa

“Over the summer, I have learned much about the study of cancer, its biology and
clinical pathways. I have also learned numerous lab techniques and improved my team working, observational, and critical analysis skills.”

Elaf Ghoneim, 
University of Kentucky, Sophomore 


“I gained translational research experience and clinical experience from amazing mentors, and I surrounded myself with peers who are dedicated to success and supportive of each other. Plus, I learned a plethora of lab techniques.”

Ayooluwakiitan Oluwafemi, University of Maryland in Baltimore

Mentors & Staff

Some of the mentors and staff from the summer 2021 ACS DICR program. 

Jinani Jayasekera, PhD


Alicia Bolt, PhD

Eliseo Castillo, PhD

Nykia Walker, PhD

Jason Weber, PhD

Tonya Webb, PhD

“This year we were fortunate to have 4 trainees, 3 of whom are Latina, 1 who’s economically disadvantaged, 1 who’s living with disability, and 1 who’s a first-generation college bound student.

“This is just an incredible team, and they have done a fantastic job to the extent that all of them without exception have been retained to come back and continue training under their current mentors.” 

Dr. Odunsi, University of Chicago​


“We just had 8 really amazing students, so we brought them in, taught them about cancer, gave them an introduction to cancer the first week. Taught them about health disparities. Gave them a lot of networking opportunities and they just flourished.

“We ended up having everybody join in a large undergraduate research poster session at the end of the summer, and they did fantastic. So we are very eternally grateful to the ACS for creating this opportunity because we wouldn't be able to start this program at all if we hadn’t.”

Dr. Kathleen O’Connor, University of Kentucky ​

University of Kentucky poster session for the ACS DICR interns.

Omar Bojang, an ACS DICR intern, at the poster session at UK. His topic was Developing Transition-Metal Complexes of Metformin to Improve Anticancer Effects.