LOI Instructions for RFA Cancer Health Equity Centers for Minority-Serving Institutions

1. Use the Electronic Submission Portal proposalCENTRAL  

  • Go to proposalcentral.com and login or create an account. 
  • In the gray tabs across the top of the page, choose Grant Opportunities.  
  • In the 1st column, Grant Maker, scroll to American Cancer Society. 
  • In the 2nd column, Programs, choose American Cancer Society grants: RFA-Cancer Health Equity Centers at Minority Serving Institutions.  
  • On the far right, click the blue “Apply Now” button to get to the LOI sections. 
  • Type in your Project Title and Save to get access to step 2.  
  • Download LOI Instructions for guidance on how to format your LOI before you submit it. 

2. Letter of Intent Required Information
Please complete the LOI in the Abstract section on proposalCENTRAL. Follow the format             requirements below. 

    All LOIs must include the following :  

  • Name of proposed Cancer Health Equity Research Center  
  • Center PI Information: Full name, degree(s), title, department, institution name, mailing address, email address, telephone number, administrative assistant’s full name and email address  
  • PI Information for Subawards: Names, titles, and institution affiliations 
  • Overview of the Center: Provide an overview (maximum of 3 pages) about how the planned Cancer Health Equity Research Center will address the unique identified need(s) of your community. 
  • Research Overview for Subawards: In a maximum of 2 pages for each subawardee, provide the following:  
  • Research project title 
  • Brief overview of the research plan, including specific aims and hypothesis, study design, general data analysis plan, and expected significance and impact  
  • Brief description about how their proposed research is aligned with the overall goals of the CHERC 

3. Attachments (not included in page limit):  

  • NIH Biosketches are required for the center PIs and all subawards.  
  • Save all biosketches as a single portable document format (PDF) file.  
  • Upload your LOI and biosketches 

4. Formatting Requirements  

  • In the header of the document, type the name (last name first) of the Center principal investigator  
  • Use 12-point Times New Roman or 11-point Arial as the minimum font size. 
  • For figures, legends, and tables, use a 10-point Times New Roman or 9-point Arial font size. 
  • Single-spaced text is acceptable. We recommend double spaces between paragraphs. 

If you have problems accessing or using the electronic application process, click on “Help.” Or contact ALTUM Customer Service at pcsupport@altum.com or call 1-800-875-2562.