Joe Lee Griffin Hope Lodge
Birmingham, AL

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1104 Ireland Way , Birmingham, AL 35205-7001 Phone: 205-558-7860 or 1-800-227-2345

Guest and Visitor Comments:

To the Hope Lodge Family . . .

The privilege of being a part of the Hope Lodge family is noteworthy. The warmth and fellowship of other patients with similar health issues forms a special bond that will last a lifetime. Let us all remember that the magic of Hope Lodge spirit didn’t happen by accident. The work and resources of the American Cancer Society and private dollars sets the facility on Ireland Way in special stead for everyone regardless of their situation.

Patients who are fortunate enough to return to their communities and resume a normal lifestyle owe the Hope Lodge and its purposes so much. Whether it be helping with a local Relay For Life, being a block captain, or scheduling money in the family budget as a gift to Hope Lodge. Let us all commit and renew enthusiasm for eradicating this nasty disease we call Cancer.

Paul and Patricia, Tifton, Georgia extends greetings to our new found friends at Hope Lodge. We salute the staff and management and Board for their efforts.


Patricia and Paul Johnson
Tifton, Georgia

A “Double Dose” of Hope

For Eufaula resident Annie Northington, January 10, 2005, started out as any other day. Hours later, she would be diagnosed with not one, but two types of cancer. Her doctor in Dothan told her she had lymphoma and leukemia.

“It’s hard to wrap your brain around the fact that you have cancer,” said Northington, “let alone two different forms of the dreaded disease!”

In the coming months, Annie would have to make several trips to Birmingham to receive treatments.

“It’s a three hour drive. I was worried how I would get there and back and where I would stay during my treatments,” said Northington. “But luckily the good Lord was watching over me and some wonderful people at my treatment facility told me about the American Cancer Society’s Joe Lee Griffin Hope Lodge.”
Northington stayed at the Lodge in Birmingham from August 2007 to January 2008. She says that she could not have gotten though her cancer battle without the amazing people there.

“The patients, the volunteers, the caregivers-everyone was there to help in some way. It was so great to meet people from all over the world who were going through the same experience,” said Northington. “But for me I also felt like it was a blessing to be there and help people who were worse off than me. I knew I was sick and I had cancer, but it was so fulfilling for me to be able to act as a caregiver to those who needed it more than me.”

Northington says she always tries to see the good in everything, even in her “double dose” of cancer.

“I was lucky enough to meet so many wonderful people through my experience at the Hope Lodge,” exclaimed Northington. “The people I met at the Hope Lodge are like my family now and I am so grateful to have met them and so grateful to the American Cancer Society for providing such a wonderful home away from home!”

Residency at a Hope Lodge facility is a courtesy extended at the sole discretion of American Cancer Society. All individuals who meet the Hope Lodge eligibility requirements will be welcomed regardless of race, creed, citizenship, physical disability, gender, color, ethnic heritage, veteran status, economic status, or sexual orientation. For admissions information, please select a Hope Lodge location.