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Hope Lodge Connection

The Hope Lodge Connection provides an opportunity for daytime patients and family members (those not requiring an overnight stay) to use the living room area and nearby cancer resource center during their trip to Cleveland.
For more information on the Hope Lodge Connection, please contact manger, Tracy Michael or assistant manager, Simone Swanson at the Cleveland Hope Lodge, 216-844-HOPE (4673)

Hope Lodge Newsletters:

The Hope Lodge would like to keep our current and past guest updated on news and events going on at the Lodge.  You can read the latest below:

Spring 2012 Hope Lodge Newsletter

Summer 2012 Hope Lodge Newsletter

Winter 2012/13 Hope Lodge Newsletter


Hope Lodge was featured in the Trumbull County Tribune:

CLEVELAND - In the middle of the University Circle neighborhood of Cleveland, in the shadow of University Hospitals and just a stone's throw from the Cleveland Clinic, there sits an oasis for those undergoing cancer treatments. It's called Hope Lodge, and as those who work there and those who stay there both agree, it's a home away from home. There are 31 Hope Lodges throughout the United States, funded by the American Cancer Society.  Hope Lodge offers free lodging for cancer patients and their caregivers who live at least an hour away from their treatment facilities.

Cris Williams, manager of Cleveland's Hope Lodge, emphasizes that it is not a hospice facility, and the focus is on healing.

"Sometimes the last word people want to hear is 'cancer' or 'treatment,'" she said.  


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Guest Comments


Guest Comments:


"Thank You so much for allowing me to stay at the Hope Lodge during my recuperation from surgery. It was a Godsend for my husband as well as myself! We appreciated your kindness. We met some wonderful people during our stay and plan on continuing those friendships! Up until our stay, I hadn't been involved with a support group. Seeing and talking and eating with other patients, I realize how GOOD that 'bonding' feels. Again, thanks for everything!"

Appreciatively, Elizabeth Peppas , Nashville, TN


"Thanks so much for the opportunity to stay here at Hope Lodge. It was an inspiring time. You have created something very special and very rare here and I feel blessed to have been part of it."

“I would like to thank the staff and residence for making my stay hospitable. TJ’s welcoming was wonderful. She put me at ease with her warmth and helpfulness when I checked in. I am praying for the families and patients who I encountered and those I have not. God bless all that give their time and support.”

“We lived 3 months in the Hope Lodge – now it’s time to say good-bye. We have a word of thanks and appreciation to the management, staff, and volunteers, for the warmth and kindness with which we have been treated – we will never forget!” –March 2012 (these guests were from Uruguay)

“We are so appreciative of everyone and everything connected with the Hope Lodge. We talk about it to our friends and only stop when their eyes start to glaze over. We truly found all the comforts of home (and some we don’t have – 5 kitchens…a library…an elevator!). We’d been told how wonderful you are, but no one can realize it until you’ve lived there. Bless you all and thanks again.”

“Our stay here at Hope Lodge has taught us the importance of community support. We are grateful for the opportunity to reside at Hope Lodge during this intense medical experience. Thank you for all that you do for everyone.”

“This card doesn’t say enough! Thank you for letting us stay. The Hope Lodge is a wonderful place. It was truly an answer to prayer! God comes in at just the right moment when you’re not even expecting it! Your staff was very friendly and helpful. Thank you from our hearts!”

“Much belatedly, we wish to thank you for all the love and courtesies you extended to us. The experience was better than any hotel or motel. God bless all the workers for their caring and sharing talents!”

“Thanks to all of you who listened to my story and hugged me and cried for me. You are all dear to me. I was truly blessed to meet all of you and you are in my prayers for healing and comfort and peace…”

“Truly Hope Lodge is a home away from home. Everyone was so supportive and eager to share experiences. Though traveling different roads, we had a common ground in feelings and comfort. Knowing we were never alone made all the difference. Regardless of future – all had a smile to share, which was light for a dark time. God bless you for the good you do and the “Hope” you inspire and the “home” you so unselfishly provide.”

“I thank you all for the peace and quiet we had during our stay there. Don’t know what we would have done if we had to pay for a hotel room during that time. We greatly appreciated the housing.”


Hope Lodge Welcomes South America Guests


To say that Moira and Jose Cristofano are grateful to have found the Hope Lodge is truly an
understatement. They have journeyed so far, from Uruguay to be exact, to receive the best
treatment for Jose. He is battling squamous cell carcinoma, the most common type of cancer
of the tongue.

Their cancer story began in October of 2010, when Jose found a small ulcer-type bump on
his tongue. The doctors in their country performed a biopsy and diagnosed him with cancer.
In November, Jose and Moira traveled to Argentina because in Uruguay he was unable to get
a much needed PET scan. After having the test, Jose and Moira traveled back to Uruguay for
his first surgery. Following the surgery, Jose endured three weeks of radiation.
In the spring of 2011, Jose started to feel sick again.
“We have family, an uncle, aunt, and four cousins who live in Washington, DC and they knew
about cancer treatment centers in the States,” said Moira. “They kept asking us to come here
to get help.”
Jose went through another surgery in Uruguay in August of 2011. In October they decided to
take the advice of their family and travel to the United States for treatment.
“From the moment we came here, we have had so much support from our family in Washington
who helped us get here financially and have done everything that they can to help us through
this difficult time,” said Moira.
On November 15, 2011, Jose had a 12-hour surgery that included removing most of his
tongue and restructuring it by using muscle from his leg. He was unable to swallow or
talk because of the surgery, but since then, he has shown much improvement and the
doctors believe they will be able to take his tracheostomy tube out after his treatments.
“He told me that he didn’t mind if he couldn’t talk, but he wants to eat,” Moira laughed. She
explained that her husband is of Italian descent and likes to cook pasta and eat family meals
together. “The doctor told him that he could if he works. I think when he finishes radiation then
he will work on his speech and have food again.”

Moira and Jose Cristafano traveled from South American for Jose’s treatment and felt fortunate to be guests at Hope Lodge.
It wasn’t until December that Moira and Jose learned of the Hope Lodge. “We were staying in a guest house and it was
hard for us there. My family in Washington asked the doctors if we could come back there to finish treatments, but they
thought we should stay here because the doctors knew him here,” said Moira.
“So the doctor asked, ‘Why are you not staying at the Hope Lodge?’ We got there on December 23. It has been very nice
and we feel at home,” said Moira. “We have three children who are in Uruguay. They are 25, 22,
and 17. We talk on Skype all of the time and my oldest son was afraid that we were alone,” she said. “I told him that we
are not alone. It is like family here and that really made him feel better. We worry about them, but they want us to stay
here until he is better.”
“I am taking back books to my country to tell them about this place and I am going to take books to my family in
Washington to let them know. It is a very, very nice place to be together. We have music and the dinners that go on to
make the days [easier],” she said.
After Jose finishes his treatment they are going back home to Uruguay. “Many people are helping us with this difficult
thing in our life. Many people are doing things in the Hope Lodge. Our family in Washington were the ones that kept
telling us to come here and supported us,” she said. “Many people are around us that love my husband that are helping
us in Uruguay with our children and our jobs. We are so grateful.”
If you or your loved one is fighting cancer and would like to know more about the Hope Lodge, you can call the American
Cancer Society any time, day or night at 1.800.227.2345 or visit


Residency at a Hope Lodge facility is a courtesy extended at the sole discretion of American Cancer Society. All individuals who meet the Hope Lodge eligibility requirements will be welcomed regardless of race, creed, citizenship, physical disability, gender, color, ethnic heritage, veteran status, economic status, or sexual orientation. For admissions information, please select a Hope Lodge location.