American Cancer Society Winn-Dixie Hope Lodge—
Gainesville, FL

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2121 SW 16th Street , Gainesville, FL 32608-1417 Phone: 352-338-0601

Stories and Comments

“We cannot begin to thank all of you for everything. This is not an easy journey, but you have helped us to believe there is HOPE.”

“Thank you for everything. I love the Hope Lodge and all that you all stand for. You’ve been a strength and a blessing.”

“To everyone, when I first arrived here I was scared and afraid of what my future held for me. I did not know what to expect from the Hope Lodge and its employees. I was so surprised by the welcome bag on the bed when we entered the room. How thoughtful and classy that was. I immediately began to feel at ease and it’s only gotten better from there. You are the best and most caring group of people I have ever met, bar none!”

Residency at a Hope Lodge facility is a courtesy extended at the sole discretion of American Cancer Society. All individuals who meet the Hope Lodge eligibility requirements will be welcomed regardless of race, creed, citizenship, physical disability, gender, color, ethnic heritage, veteran status, economic status, or sexual orientation. For admissions information, please select a Hope Lodge location.