Clarence T.C. Ching Hope Lodge—
Honolulu, HI

251 South Vineyard Street , Honolulu, HI 96813 Phone: 808-566-8430

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The Hope Lodge Hawai’i Welcomes First Patient

Please meet the first guests of Honolulu’s Hope Lodge location, Tina Marie and Richard Cawagas from Hilo!

They arrived November 28 after Tina’s surgery for breast cancer at Queen’s Medical Center. Tina was overjoyed to be here saying, “we would like to thank you and your awesome staff for making the start of our stay wonderful and comfy. This facility is such a beautiful place to be.”

Tina and Richard’s stay at Hope Lodge would not have been possible without the hard work and generous support of this community.

American Cancer Society Opens the Doors to the Clarence T.C. Ching Hope Lodge in Hawai‘i

The American Cancer Society proudly celebrated the completion of its Hope Lodge in Hawai‘i on November 17 with a maile lei ceremony to dedicate the facility. Cancer patients and caregivers will now be able to relax, heal and support each other while staying at the Hope Lodge and receiving care at one of Honolulu’s cancer treatment facilities.

“It’s a dream come true,” exclaimed Gene Redden, cancer survivor from Kaua‘i. “Nearly 11 years ago, I experienced first-hand the challenges of traveling to O‘ahu for treatment. I spent weeks in Honolulu for necessary chemo and radiation treatments to help save my life. It left me physically drained and exhausted, but the most difficult part was the burden of trying to find lodging while staying on O‘ahu. At times, the housing was beyond our means to handle alone. Now, our families or friends will no longer have to make the tough decision to forego life-saving treatments simply because of travel or lodging costs—and that is truly something to celebrate.”

This year, approximately 6,850 people throughout Hawai‘i were diagnosed with cancer and approximately 650 of them traveled from the neighbor islands to receive treatment in Honolulu. Now, not only will these patients have a place to stay when they travel for treatment, but they will have the right kind of place to stay—a home-away-from-home that is committed to creating a healing and supportive environment for getting well.

“At today’s ceremony, it was an honor to recognize the many supporters who generously donated and worked tirelessly to bring this much needed resource to O‘ahu,” said Jim Schuler, Hope Lodge Campaign Cabinet co-chair. “The Hope Lodge was designed to provide both the patient and caregiver all the comforts of home. We wanted to provide patients a relaxed, calming environment where they could concentrate on healing and we wanted to offer caregivers a sense of community and support as they help their loved one’s battle cancer.”

“One of the most important keys to surviving cancer is access to treatment,” said Gary Reedy, CEO of the American Cancer Society. “For some patients, a facility in another city or another island offers the best treatment option.  The American Cancer Society Hope Lodge network works to alleviate the burden of lodging costs so patients can focus on what matters most – getting well.  And now, thanks to the generous donors and supporters throughout this community, more people will have access to a treatment center on O‘ahu. We look forward to welcoming patients and their caregivers at the Hope Lodge in Hawai‘i.”

The maile lei ceremony was held in the garden of the Hope Lodge, surrounded by the Hope Lodge Hawai‘i campaign cabinet members, Hawai‘i Pacific American Cancer Society board members and American Cancer Society leadership staff. In addition to unveiling the newly completed facility, the ceremony recognized the many supporters and donors who were paramount in making the Hope Lodge a reality including The Queen’s Medical Center for contributing the land, and The Clarence T.C. Ching Foundation for contributing the $3.5 million lead gift to help kick off the capital campaign.

The average stay of patients utilizing the Society’s other operating Hope Lodge facilities around the country is approximately 15 nights. The Hope Lodge in Hawai‘i is expected to serve nearly 487 patients per year. 

Residency at a Hope Lodge facility is a courtesy extended at the sole discretion of American Cancer Society. All individuals who meet the Hope Lodge eligibility requirements will be welcomed regardless of race, creed, citizenship, physical disability, gender, color, ethnic heritage, veteran status, economic status, or sexual orientation. For admissions information, please select a Hope Lodge location.