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Lubbock, TX

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3511 10th St. , Lubbock, TX 79415 Phone: 806.745.0700Fax: 806.744.2915


Below are a few examples of the wonderful feedback our Hope Lodge Lubbock has received from guests.

Guest Comments

Artesia, NM 

"It was a blessing having a place to stay and not worry about financial problems staying at a hotel." 

"this was like a home away from home-excellent." 

"In every way, friendly staff and guests, clean rooms, and all the amenities, thank you." 

"This is a perfect place. It lifts off the burden of being sick and havt to find a place to stay where you pay for everything. A big thank you for the donors who are generous and continue to support this organization." 

"Cannot ask for more, thank you very much. May God bless everyone who has put their time and money into this."


Carlsbad, NM 

"I would recommend this facility to everybody in need of their services." 

"Sometimes only people with cancer can understand what it is you are going through." 

"Very comfortable and just feels like home."


Clovis, NM 

"There was usually somebody around to tell our story to. We met people we will never forget." 

"The Hope Lodge made our cancer treatments easier to cope with." 

"Relieved a lot of stress knowing we had a place to stay near medical facility." 

“It’s  peaceful, convenient, and in an excellent location. I liked everything about it!”


Dexter, NM 

"It's a home away from home."


Hobbs, NM 

" Everything you need is here." 

"when you're tired & weary, plus anxious about treatments, its great to know the room is ready to welcome you to a peace of mind!" 

"Knowing I had a safe haven to come to before my appointments helped give me HOPE to cope with a good attitude!!!" 

"privacy, comfortable, felt at home" 

"So thankful for the Lodge! Appriciate all the kindness, the facility is beautiful." 

"There are no words to express my gratitude for the comfort and hospitality of the Hope Lodge! I thank God for all of you!"  

"Relieves you from the worries of finances." 

"It has all of the comforts of home and entertainment.  Very peaceful, clean and well maintained.  I had no idea such a place existed." 

"The staff and volunteers are great.  We loved the weekly meals, ice cream social, game nite,and activities.  Overall great experience under the circumstances."  

"In every way. I am so grateful for the accommodations. With all the doctor bills, this helped so much!" 


Lovington, NM 

"Friendly, comfortable, clean." 

"Just knowing we had a clean, safe place to stay, comforting" 

"Safety, cleanliness, comfortablity."


Portales, NM 

"You made a very difficult situation easier. The kitchen and commons area allow patients to become friends. The family atmosphere is such a positive for patients." 


Roswell, NM 

"It's our home away from home.  More of a resort than a hotel."


Beaver, OK 

“Thanks all of you-you helped provide a miracle for us.



"Everything is comfortable and everyone is really nice, and there is a relaxed feel." 

"It was good to meet the other guests. The prayer room was especially worshipful for me."


Amarillo, TX 

"More than expected."


Big Spring, TX 

"It was a place for solitude and interaction with others going trhough the similar problems."


Dimmitt, TX 

"Everyone here is dealing with the same stress, confort in knowing they understand!"


Eastland, TX 

"Wonderful experience.  Thank you and God bless you for our stay. We live so far away."


Graham, TX 

"Had everything we needed. Loved the kitchen facilities.  Enjoyed meeting new friends.  Appreciate all free meals and ice cream social.  Appreciated United for all goodies."


Midland, TX 

"I was able to get the rest that I required and there is a very tranquil environment here" 

"better than home or a hotel" 

"it's just the best place ever"


Ecrtor, TX 

“We are so grateful to Hope Lodge.  It helped to lift some of the burden of having cancer treatments.  I have been telling fellow patients about the wonderful facilities and the warm and friendly people who work here.  THANKS SO MUCH.”   

 "Everyway. Clean, friendly, convenient, spacious."


Plainview, TX 

"The food, meals, kitchen, coffee…just like home."


Seminole, TX 

"great facilities, great location, great price"


Snyder, TX  

"Hope Lodge is a blessing."

Guest Stories


 The Reddens' Story

The Reddens are no stranger to cancer. Bettie fought lung cancer years ago, and completed treatments for breast cancer last year. Now she is serving in the role as a caregiver to her husband, Eulane, who has prostate cancer.

Like most cancer patients, getting the best care sometimes means having to travel far away from home. With the Reddens residing in Carlsbad, New Mexico, they had to travel nearly 200 miles away to Lubbock to undergo treatments.

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The Russels' Story

For Robert and Donna Russell the American Cancer Society Hope Lodge in Lubbock became more than just a convenient place to stay. It became their home away from home, and it changed their outlook on life.

Cancer first came into the couple’s lives in 2000 when Donna was diagnosed with melanoma. Now, cancer-free and one of nearly 12 million cancer survivors in the U.S., she’s serving in the role as caregiver to her husband, Robert who’s undergone radiation treatment for prostate cancer. 

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 Sherry Thoma's Story

Sherry is not just a volunteer at Hope Lodge Lubbock; she is a critical asset to the Hope Lodge team. Having been diagnosed with breast cancer 30 years ago she can relate to many experiences that cancer patients endure during their battle. Now, as a survivor, she is giving back in the best way she can.

Before the doors were even open to cancer patients and their caregivers at the Hope Lodge Lubbock in 2010, Sherry had signed up to volunteer.  

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Leon Warren's Story

After learning his diagnosis with prostate cancer, he learned his next step was the need for 9 weeks of radiation treatment 100 miles away. The realization of being that far away from home played a heavy toll on his heart and mind.

Luckily for Leon, his oncologist suggested the American Cancer Society Hope Lodge in Lubbock, conveniently located next to the hospital where he would undergo treatments. Leon had never heard of a Hope Lodge before and asked if he needed a reference or a qualification. His doctor said, "The only qualification you need is to be from a town 40 miles or more outside of Lubbock." Leon then asked what the cost of staying there would be and was in shock to hear it was absolutely free! Leon and his wife, Terri knew that the American Cancer Society Hope Lodge was truly a “Godsend.” 

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Local Stories

Volunteer Raises Hope Lodge Spirits with Arts and Crafts

Every Tuesday, Hope Lodge guests in Lubbock gather to express their creativity, laugh, and escape from the emotional burden associated with cancer thanks to the volunteer efforts of Peggy McInturff.

Having experienced firsthand the difficulties associated with traveling for cancer treatment, Peggy is giving back in the best way she knows how.

As a caregiver, Peggy would accompany her sister to Houston for treatments. “We were so impressed with what they (treatment facility) offered patients while we waited for our appointments, such as origami. We would have so much fun together, so when I heard about Hope Lodge in Lubbock, I wanted to give back and help others.”


Each week, Peggy organizes a new group project for the lodge’s guests. “I’ve always loved doing crafts, so I felt this was a natural fit,” said Peggy. “We meet in the dining room, and sometimes we talk about treatment and sometimes we just joke about other things.”

“For our guests, it’s more then just an arts and craft project,” said Robin Gardner, director for the Society’s Hope Lodge in Lubbock. “It helps them forget about the stress, anxiety, and fear associated with cancer.”

Research studies have indicated that crafting provides a sense of accomplishment and pride that triggers positive feelings and promotes a can-do attitude toward other situations. To learn how a good attitude and healthy spirit may have positive physical effects, visit

Currently, there are 31 Hope Lodge locations nationwide that offer cancer patients and their caregivers a free, temporary place to stay while traveling to another city for treatment. For more details about Hope Lodge, visit

Being a Hope Lodge guest is a courtesy extended at the sole discretion of the American Cancer Society. All individuals who meet Hope Lodge eligibility requirements will be welcomed regardless of race, creed, citizenship, disability, gender, color, ethnic heritage, veteran status, economic status, or sexual orientation.