American Cancer Society Hope Lodge—
Marshfield, WI

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611 W. Doege St. , Marshfield, WI 54449 Phone: 715-486-9100 or 800-227-2345

Stories and Comments

                     " There's no place like hope. "


"When we arrived in Marshfield for a second opinion, we never imagined that John would be diagnosed with cancer and admitted to the hospital to begin treatment. We were far away from home and the treatments were to take a month or more. 'Where would we stay? How would we navigate in a city we are unfamiliar with?' The list of questions went on. Yet from the moment we were informed of Hope Lodge, things began to fall in place - and quickly. From our first phone call to Hope Lodge, we received expedient answers to our questions, and a sense of welcoming - with a 'how can I help you' attitude. Every member of their team was so professional, kind, and generous beyond measure. People truly cared. Words of kindness or a hug during times of sadness, were always close at hand. There was never a need we had that went unsatisfied and for this, we are truly grateful. Hope Lodge - what a perfect name! It truly is a place filled with hope and a beacon of light in our difficult journey with cancer. Our entire family will never forget how you journeyed with us and were true companions along the way. Our journey was made lighter with your care and compassion, for which we will never forget. Thank you Hope Lodge for being a beacon of light and hope. May your light continue to shine so that others find hope."  - Jacqueline D.


"My name is Julie and I have been battling recurrent breast cancer for over eleven years. When I was first diagnosed, there was rarely a day I didn't cry, but now I've made peace with my disease and live each day to the fullest. My journey has not been easy, but with the love and support of my family, I live a happy life. Over the years. I have been blessed in many ways, and one of those blessings is being able to stay at the Hope Lodge in Marshfield WI. Knowing that I have such a welcoming place to stay during difficult times eases not only the financial burdens of cancer but also the emotional ones. Each time I arrive at the lodge I am greeted with open arms and a smile by the caring staff members. They have all become my dear firends and have been there through the laughter and tears of my journey. Each one has a heart of gold!     Hope Lodge is a beautiful facility, with a cheerful lobby and a cozy fireplace. It's great to sit by the fire and read or visit with other guests. The kitchens really make staying at the lodge feel like home as you can cook and eat whenever you wish. One of my favorite times is dinner, when all the guests gather to eat together. Many generous volunteers from the area donate delicious meals for guests to share. It is great to get to know others who are battling cancer and offer each other support.      The guest rooms are outstanding! Comfy beds, roomy bathrooms, and whenever I check in, they are spotlessly clean! In the basement are laundry facilities and several rooms with televisions that feel just like my living room at home. One room even has a piano, which I plunk on every now and then.     I'll have to admit, the first time I stayed at Hope Lodge, I was a bit apprehensive, however, I soon came to realize that Hope Lodge is so much more than a hotel for cancer patients. It's a second home to people like me who are fighting to stay alive. It is a place of support, encouragement and above all - hope.     There are truly no words to express my gratitute to those who supprt Hope Lodge. I know many individuals support the lodge financially and others volunteer their time to keep the doors of this amazing place open. All I can say is 'Thank you' and know that you are truly making a difference in my life and the lives of many others fighting cancer."   - Julie P.


"I first began coming to Marshflield Clinic from where I live in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan in 1985. My primary medical treatments during this time were for rheumatoid arthritis. We always stayed at one of the local motels. I never thought that I would someday be coming to the clinic to be treated for cancer.     Last December, my husband and I went to a Christmas party which featured a large buffet. I ended up early the next morning with a severe case of food poisoning. Because it was taking so long to recover, additional tests were done. One of these tests was an x-ray which happened to reach just high enough to spot a growth in the lower part of my right lung. I came to Marshfield for further evaluation, and biopsies confirmed that it was cancer.    When we returned for our appointment, we again stayed at a local hotel. In the Oncology department, I saw a poster about a Patient Navigator. When I asked 'what is a patient navigator', I was introduced to the American Cancer Society. The Patient Navigator talked with us and asked where we were staying. She then told us about Hope Lodge and suggested we stay there. We knew nothing about this and told her we were already booked at our hotel. She suggested we take a tour of the lodge, and we decided late that evening to stop by.     What an eye-opener for us! We walked into a large, warm room with a fireplace burning, a big TV, sofas, and big comfortable chairs. The staff person was so welcoming and friendly. We saw the suite where we might be. The large eating area with fully equipped kitchens where each room was assigned refrigerator, freezer, and pantry space. I can't explain how good we felt know that we would be able to stay in this place.    Now that we are here, we are even more thankful to be in a place within walking distance of the clinic. The staff and volunteers are all friendly and helpful, as are the other guests staying at the lodge. It's uplifting and I think we all realize how fortunate we are to have this available.    Another surprise for us has been the support from the community. Three or more times a week, meals are brought in by local businesses and churches.     All of this is at no cost to us. Before we knew about Hope Lodge, the cost to stay in  Marshfield was a major worry because we knew my treatment would be lengthy.     I know this is quite a 'glowing' testimonial, but honestly, it is not an exaggeration. In fact, there is more I could say. When you are dealing with cancer, it is a hard road to travel, and I think it makes us so much more appreciative to have a place such as this, and more aware of how much the American Cancer Society does to help."     - Audrey C.

Affirmations of Hope

"Hope Lodge is a soft place to land in a very hard and cold world of Cancer."

"It's been a hard road, and I know it will get even harder. It's good to know that Hope Lodge is here to help. It gives me hope."

"There is a lot of support here, and it gives you just what the building says - HOPE."

"Hope Lodge helped me realize that we are not alone in our situation. "

"It made an overwhelming situation less overwhelming, and lightened the burdens that come with cancer.

"The staff are very loving, caring, most friendly and encouraging people."

"It's unbelievable to have such a nice place to stay that doesn't cost us anything. I feel very blessed."

"It felt like going home and staying with my mother - everything was taken care of. I was safe and comfortable. I had a great place to sleep and relax. Food was donated on a regular basis, so I didn't even have to think about meals."

"What a wonderful place with exceptional staff!  This is much more than just a place to stay - it is a home away from home!"

“I cannot believe this place exists. I have never been treated this good and cared for this well in all my travels across this country.”

“It has been a blessing to be able to stay at such a nice place when I come for my appointments. Without it I would not be able to come down and would not be able to stay the night.”

"Everything about Hope Lodge impressed us as exceptionally well organized, administered, and maintained.”

“The staff provides the best ‘customer service’ I’ve ever had!”

“The savings in expenses were great!”

"All top notch! What a great job you all do – what would we do without you?"

“I am so grateful for the warmth and soothing comfort of this fine and pleasant lodge.”

“After a long day of appointments and tests, it’s just wonderful not to have to fret about our lodging for the evening. What a wonderful place.”

“My brother is a newly diagnosed cancer patient. He would not have the finances to stay in a hotel and has no family or friends in the area either. I am so glad this was available for him. I was also able to stay in the room with him and be supportive to him, I am very grateful!”

“My stay couldn’t have been better. Everything was perfect. Hope Lodge really lives up to its name.”

“The home like atmosphere it creates as well as the interaction with other guests going through the same issues was so great”

Being a Hope Lodge guest is a courtesy extended at the sole discretion of the American Cancer Society. All individuals who meet Hope Lodge eligibility requirements will be welcomed regardless of race, creed, citizenship, disability, gender, color, ethnic heritage, veteran status, economic status, or sexual orientation.