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2609 River Rd , New Orleans, LA 70121 Phone: 504-219-2200 or 1-800-227-2345

Stories and Comments

Caregiver, Monica Mullooly, Houma, LA

Ross Mullooly with his proud parents

I can’t begin to tell you how much Hope Lodge has become to mean to my family. My son was first diagnosed in 2010. At that time, my husband and I were both working with two children in college. Once Ross became ill we soon saw this was going to change our lives immensely. I left my job to become Ross’s caregiver immediately and with no regret, but also no experience. I was like a deer in headlights very uncertain. Upon entering Hope Lodge the other caregivers, staff and patients were very kind and generous with their support and concern. I do not think I would be able to handle many of the difficult situations we have had to face without my Hope Lodge family.

My son Ross is a 22-year-old with colo-rectal cancer. We believe he may be the youngest patient they have treated at Oschner. After going the full round of chemo, radiation and colostomy and reversal he found himself in a situation we could never have predicted. The tumor grew back. Faced with this my son decided he could not spend another year just waiting for his life. He decided to establish a non-profit The Ross Mullooly Project – Outrunning Cancer. His goal was to raise $10,000 for Hope Lodge this year. On December 15th he held a 5 K race/walk, raffle, silent auction and Blood Drive. He far exceeded his goal. He is currently continuing treatment for his illness and we are often guests at the Lodge. 

Ross P. Mulloolly passed away April 21, 2013.

Jackie and William Keith Hinton

To Whom It May Concern:

I could not let any more time pass before I let you know how blessed my husband and I feel having had the opportunity to stay at HOPE LODGE. When we found out that we had to come to New Orleans for my husband's treatment I started to worry. Cancer is expensive not to mention the other unexpected medical trips of other family members. Charles Jarreau from the Gamma Knife Center was kind enough to talk with Annie Cummer and between them both they let us stay at the HOPE LODGE. Both Charles and Annie are earthly angels in our hearts.

I was amazed at the kindness of the people who work there. When you are dealing with cancer you have all sorts of thoughts. We thought that since it was free, that people would treat you different. It's like you feel unworthy. This was not the case at all. We were treated with the highest respect.

The building was wonderful! You may think this is silly, but when you walk inside, you get the feeling of heaven and its peace and safety. My husband told me that he had not seen me so relaxed and peaceful in such a long time. My husband said that he did not want to get out of the bed. It was the first time in a long time that he did not get up with pain in his bad leg. This is a wonderful thing for people.

When your world involves cancer you have so many burdens as it is. You have to go to places that you have never been or even began to know about. It feels as if someone put you and your companion and luggage in a hat, dumped you in the middle of a barren place and said, “Go for it”. It is a scary, weary, frustrating time, however, having HOPE LODGE was exactly what it says. It gave us HOPE. It gave us time to stop and rest so our strength could be renewed just as in Isaiah 40:31-But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.

So my humble thanks to the staff, Annie Cummer, Charles Jarreau - Gamma Knife Center and HOPE LODGE (HOPE LOVE). - August 2006


Being a Hope Lodge guest is a courtesy extended at the sole discretion of the American Cancer Society. All individuals who meet Hope Lodge eligibility requirements will be welcomed regardless of race, creed, citizenship, disability, gender, color, ethnic heritage, veteran status, economic status, or sexual orientation.