American Cancer Society Hope Lodge—
St. Louis, MO

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4215 Lindell Blvd. , St. Louis, MO 63108 Phone: 314-286-8150Fax: 314-286-8155


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Below are a few examples of the wonderful feedback our St. Louis Hope Lodge has received from guests.

Frank Kukla's Story

"I just don’t know what a lot of people would do without Hope Lodge. If you are diagnosed with cancer and live in a small town, sometimes doctors and specialized facilities are not nearby. In my case, I needed to travel over 100 miles to a major treatment center to undergo surgery to remove my prostate cancer. When returning home, we learned from the doctor that it would be best to receive seven weeks of specialized radiation treatment just to make sure the cancer was completely gone. It was at that point my doctor suggested we stay at Hope Lodge. I was in need of specialized radiation treatment five times a week for seven weeks, making it almost impossible physically, to make the drive everyday.

I thought Hope Lodge might be depressing, but it was far from it. Hope Lodge is so much nicer than a hotel because of the support you get from other guests and the staff. There are lots of activities, which makes it really nice and creates great interaction between the guests and caregivers. The facilities are clean and the staff is friendly.

The best thing about Hope Lodge was being able to discuss how you feel with other guests, and know they understand. You can talk about common problems and everyone understands what you’re going through. It is inspirational to listen to other people facing the same thing you are going through. You have enough to worry about when diagnosed with cancer- the last thing you want to do is worry about where you are going to stay when you need treatment away from home. Hope Lodge allows people to concentrate on getting well."

- Frank Kukla

Guest Comments

"You can survive the dreaded six-letter word 'cancer' if you have a facility like the Hope Lodge to stay during treatment. It is a bright, cheery, warm, friendly environment where the people you meet are staying for the same purpose and there is so much in common. I don't have enough adjectives to describe how wonderful the Lodge is - just like home."

- Mary Carmack

"During my lifetime, I have traveled and lived in many places on this old earth and really didn’t think that much could excite me anymore.  Boy, was I in for a surprised.  After I learned of my illness, needless to say, I was in shock.  Especially for me, a person who has never been sick a day in my life.  I was totally at a loss for what to do about treatments, lodging, meals, etc.  It was at that time that my doctor and his staff took over.  Before I knew kit, they had basically taken care of everything that I needed, including the important referral to Hope Lodge.

From the Lodge, I received more assistance than I ever expected – lodging, a place to  eat and store food, transportation to and from treatments, and a lot of friendly faces to come home to. By home, I mean Hope Lodge, where I stayed for five weeks. It was always a pleasure to walk in the door and be greeted by the smiling faces of both staff and residents. In short, I can truly say that I personally have never been treated so well and graciously in my entire life. This experience has made a very deep impression upon my present and future life."

- Terry Watson

Being a Hope Lodge guest is a courtesy extended at the sole discretion of the American Cancer Society. All individuals who meet Hope Lodge eligibility requirements will be welcomed regardless of race, creed, citizenship, disability, gender, color, ethnic heritage, veteran status, economic status, or sexual orientation.