Brain/CNS Tumors In Adults

Study Examines Possible Link Between Dental X-rays and Meningioma Risk

A new study has found that people diagnosed with meningioma, a tumor of the lining covering the brain, are more likely to report that they’ve received certain types of dental x-rays in the past.

Study: Additional Treatment Helps Some Patients with Rare Brain Tumor Live Longer

In a clinical trial, adding chemotherapy to radiation nearly doubled the survival time for some patients with a rare brain tumor called oligodendroglioma.

World Health Organization Says Cell Phones a Possible Cause of Cancer

The International Agency for Research on Cancer has concluded that using cell phones may possibly cause cancer.

Major Study Complicates Debate over Cell Phone Use and Cancer Risk

Results from a major international study released Monday do not establish a definitive link between cell phone use and cancer, but they don’t rule one out, either.