Complementary and Alternative Methods

Study: Cancer Patients with Strong Religious or Spiritual Beliefs Report Better Health

A recent study published in Cancer, a peer-reviewed journal of the American Cancer Society, suggests a link between religious or spiritual beliefs and better physical health reported among patients with cancer.

For Breast Cancer Survivors, Life is Better With Yoga

For women with breast cancer, research shows those who practice yoga have less stress and fatigue, and better quality of life.

Studies: No Clear Link Between Stress and Cancer Returning

When treatment ends, cancer survivors begin a new chapter in their lives, one that can bring hope and happiness – but also fear of the cancer coming back.

Antioxidant Supplements Fuel Lung Cancer in Mice

Swedish researchers have found that giving antioxidant supplements to mice with small lung tumors caused the tumors to grow more quickly, become more invasive, and kill the mice faster.

Creative Arts Beneficial to Cancer Patients

Researchers from the National Institutes of Health and colleagues analyzed more than 2 dozen studies of creative arts therapies to see the effect of these therapies on cancer patients.

Study: Multivitamins Slightly Reduce Cancer in Men Over 50

Harvard researchers have found a possible link between taking a daily multivitamin over a long period of time and a small reduction in cancer.

Behavioral Therapy Eases Side-Effects from Breast Cancer Treatment

After breast cancer treatment, 65% to 85% of women experience hot flashes and night sweats – many of them severe enough to affect sleep, mood, and quality of life.

Study Shows Vitamin E Increases Prostate Cancer Risk

A follow-up study from a clinical trial that included 35,000 men shows that those who took vitamin E supplements were more likely to develop prostate cancer.

Music Can Help Cancer Patients

New research supports listening to recorded music, as well as music therapy, to improve symptoms of cancer treatment.