Hodgkin Disease

FDA Approves Opdivo for Hard-to-Treat Hodgkin Lymphoma

The FDA granted accelerated approval to Opdivo (nivolumab) for Hodgkin lymphoma after treatment with stem cell transplant and post-transplant drug Adcentris.

Scientists Predict Risk of Infertility in Women Treated for Hodgkin Disease

Doctors have long known that some women, especially younger women, develop fertility problems as a result of treatment for Hodgkin disease. Specifically, some treatments lead to early menopause, which reduces or takes away the ability to have children.

Volunteers: Motivated to Help Others

Many cancer survivors are moved by their own experience to help others facing diagnosis and treatment. Find inspiration and hope in these stories of volunteers who are making a difference in the fight against cancer.

Study: Hodgkin Disease Treatment May Raise Stomach Cancer Risk

Researchers from the National Cancer Institute (NCI) have found that certain radiation and chemotherapy treatment regimens for Hodgkin disease may increase the risk of stomach cancer.

Cancer Can Be Treated During Pregnancy

When a pregnant woman is diagnosed with cancer, her treatment decisions are complicated by concern about how treatment may affect the baby’s health.