Annette Profit

Part of the Healing Process

When Annette Profit began as an American Cancer Society volunteer with the Look Good Feel Better® program, she simply wanted to help others.

What she soon discovered is that the program – which helps women cancer patients improve their appearance and self-image by teaching them hands on beauty techniques to manage the appearance side effects of cancer treatment – is more than just helping people. It’s about giving them hope, strength, and courage.“

The program is more than makeup,” she said. “It is part of the healing process. When someone feels good about themselves, it makes them fight even harder.”

Annette is grateful that the American Cancer Society offers a program like this, and is happy she has been able to help as a Look Good Feel Better facilitator and trainer for more than 20 years. She enjoys being a trainer because it lets people know that this service is out there.

“So many people don’t know about the Look Good Feel Better program,” she said. Training helps her reach more cosmetologists who can promote the program and let their clients who are facing cancer know that this kind of support is there for them.

“The program is such an important piece. It helps with self-esteem. It helps people cope with life. It lets people know someone cares,” she said.

The program is more than makeup. It is part of the healing process. When someone feels good about themselves, it makes them fight even harder.

Annette Profit
Look Good Feel Better Volunteer

Her area’s program continues to grow. “We went from having a class 2-3 times a year to having a class every month, sometimes twice a month,” said Annette. “All of the cosmetologists in the area make it work.”

Cosmetologists like her friend who recently lost her battle with cancer. Even while going through treatment, she continued to volunteer.

“It was an inspiration,” said Annette. “She was awesome.”

It is the wonderful American Cancer Society staff and volunteers, like her friend, who keep her motivated, moving and fulfilling her not only as a volunteer but as a person.

“I have grown,” she said, and she will continue to grow and give others hope, strength, and courage on their cancer journeys.