New ACS Children’s Book Tackles Emotional Effects of Cancer

My Cancer Days Cover

In My Cancer Days, a little girl with cancer experiences a range of emotions depending on how she feels on different days. On a purple day, for example, she feels scared; on a yellow day, she feels happy. “I wrote My Cancer Days for the smallest warriors,” said author Courtney Filigenzi. “Children can have a hard time identifying or describing their feelings. I wanted to help kids find the words they need to express how they’re feeling inside.”

The messages of My Cancer Days, a new picture book published by the American Cancer Society, are that all these feelings are normal, it’s OK to have them, and that expressing them is a helpful way to cope with a difficult situation. The book is also intended to help adults give their children the support they need. “It’s my hope that the book can help families have these difficult conversations,” said Filigenzi, “so they can support each other and grow stronger together.”

Filigenzi is the award-winning author of Let My Colors Out, also published by the American Cancer Society. My Cancer Days is illustrated with original watercolors by Nicole Tadgell, the award-winning illustrator of more than 20 picture books. Tadgell was inspired by the loss of her sister to childhood illness, and by her visits with young cancer patients and their families at home and in the hospital.

My Cancer Days is one of several books published by the American Cancer Society to teach children about cancer and help them cope with their own cancer diagnosis and treatment, or with that of a parent or other loved one.

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