Mickey Mantle Family Fund

Left to right: David, Mickey Jr, Mickey, Billy and Danny

The Mantle family history with cancer

The Mantle Family has a long, tragic history with cancer, which seems to have targeted Mantle men at an early age.

BILLY MANTLE (third son)- battled Hodgkin's disease for several years and after three remissions, lost his battle to cancer complications in 1994, at the age of 36.

MICKEY MANTLE - lost his battle with liver cancer in August 1995, following a liver transplant, at the age of 63.

MICKEY MANTLE, JR (oldest son) - battled melanoma for many years before succumbing in 2000 at the age of 47.

The foundation of the Mickey Mantle Family Fund - 2002 to present

Our involvement with The American Cancer Society began after the passing of our oldest brother, Mickey Jr. In an effort to help raise funds for cancer research, we directed the creation of the Mickey Mantle Family Fund. We also worked with the NY Yankees to create a group of PSA's for the Fund.

The Hope Lodge/NYC -2008 to present

We had already been through heartbreaking experiences with our brothers, Billy and Mickey, Jr., who underwent cancer treatment many times at MD Anderson Hospital in Houston, TX. Our travel expenses, back and forth, between Dallas and Houston were quite significant so we personally experienced firsthand how expensive accompanying your loved one during cancer treatment can be. We were very fortunate that we were in a financial position where we could afford to cover our own hotel and food costs but not everyone is so fortunate. So, when we were asked to get involved with the Hope Lodge, we thought it was a great thing to be able to support a cause that helps pay for family expenses during their loved one’s cancer treatment.

When we went to the Hope Lodge NYC and saw the hope in the eyes of the cancer patients and how relieved they were to have their family there with them, well that makes what we are doing all worthwhile. Our dad, Mickey Mantle, was always involved with the Make a Wish Foundation for children and other charities. Being able to carry on his mission to help people with cancer, helps keep his legacy alive.


Thank you for supporting the Mickey Mantle Family Fund.

Our dad was always involved with charities. Being able to carry on his mission to help people with cancer, helps keep his legacy alive. We are grateful for any help that you can give to the Hope Lodge in the name of Mickey Mantle.