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Support and Online Communities

If you have been touched by cancer, your American Cancer Society is here to help. We want to make sure you know about the rich resources provided by your American Cancer Society and our partners.

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National Cancer Information Center (NCIC)

The National Cancer Information Center provides information and support to those facing cancer 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Trained cancer information specialists are available via phone, live chat, and now video chat, providing accurate, up to date cancer information to patients, family members, and caregivers and connecting them with valuable services and resources in their communities.

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Reach To Recovery Website and App

If you have breast cancer, you may want to connect with someone who knows what you're feeling – someone who has "been there." Through our Reach To Recovery website and app, you can match with a trained volunteer who has survived breast cancer.  

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Cancer Survivors Network (CSN)

Join our online community where cancer patients, survivors, and caregivers can connect with others impacted by cancer and share information and support through our discussion boards, chat room, and private messages. CSN is available 24/7 for members who support and inspire one another, share personal experiences, and offer practical tips for dealing with the side effects of cancer and its treatment.

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Make Your Health Journey Easier

Anyone with cancer, their caregivers, families, and friends can benefit from help and support. The American Cancer Society partners with CaringBridge, a free online tool that allows people dealing with illnesses like cancer to stay in touch with their friends, family members, and support network by creating their own personal page where they share their journey and health updates.