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Apply for a Grant

As the nation's largest private, not-for-profit source of funds for scientists studying cancer, the American Cancer Society (ACS) remains committed to funding basic, translational, clinical, and cancer control research now and in the future - as much as we are able given our available financial resources. 

The ACS grant process is managed by the Extramural Discovery Science (EDS) team. 

ACS Grant Mechanisms

Look for funding opportunities you qualify for.

Research Grants for Independent Investigators


Arizona Discovery Boost 

AHEAD Awards (Advancing Health Equity and Addressing Disparities)


What's Updated: Funding has increased

Who Can Apply: Independent investigators at any career stage.

Purpose: To fund exploratory research to develop research methodologies, establish feasibility, or pilot test high-risk/high-reward research across the research continuum.

Funding: 2 years with $135K a year direct costs, plus 10% allowable indirect costs

Deadlines: April 1*  and Oct. 15* 


Who Can Apply: Current and past American Cancer Society grantees, including former ACS Postdoctoral Fellows

Purpose: Enables transition of patient-focused research to accelerate clinical impact

Funding, Stage I: 2 years with $135K a year direct costs, plus 10% allowable indirect costs

Funding, Stage II: 1.5 years with $545K total direct costs, plus 10% allowable indirect costs

Deadlines: April 1* and Oct. 15*



What's Updated: Budget has increased 



Who Can Apply: Investigators within the first 10 years of an initial independent research career or full-time faculty appointment

Funding: Up to 4 years with $215K a year direct costs, plus 10% allowable indirect costs

Deadlines: April 1* and Oct. 15*

Mentored Research Grants


What's Updated: Increased stipends and expanded eligibility

Who Can Apply: Investigators who are US citizens or non-citizens holding an appropriate visa when the application is submitted and are within 4 years of receiving a doctoral degree 

Funding: Progressive stipends of $66K, $68K, and $70K for up to 3 years, plus an annual $4K fellowship allowance and $1,500 travel allowance in the final year

Application Deadlines:  April 1* and Oct. 15*

Who Can Apply: Full-time faculty who have clinical responsibilities, do not lead an independent research program, and want to be mentored and participate in research training to become an independent clinician scientist. 

Funding: 3 to 5 years with $135K direct costs a year, plus 8% allowable indirect costs 

Deadlines: April 1*  and Oct. 15* 

Institutional Block Grants

Who Can Apply: Awarded to institutions as block grants to provide seed money for newly independent investigators to initiate cancer research projects. The principal investigator of the grant should be a senior faculty member.

Funding: 1 to 3 years with an average of $120K a year, renewable

Deadline: April 1*

Requests for Applications


Who Can Apply: Current or former ACS grantees, or former ACS postdoctoral fellows, with a full-time faculty appointment, who are motivated to commercialize their technology.

Purpose: Support the commercialization of an ongoing cancer research project and to validate and de-risk technologies.

Funding: $75,000 direct costs for a 1 year project period. No indirect costs allowed.

Application Deadline: Rolling starting in March 2024

Who Can Apply: Investigators at an accredited college, university, or medical school, within the United States (in accordance with ACS grant policies). Applicants from underrepresented groups and from Minority-Serving Institutions (MSIs) are encouraged to apply.

Funding: 4-year project with $4.08 M ($3.4 M direct cost plus 20% indirect cost)

Webinar: Email the Program Contact to request a recording of the most recent webinar

Resubmission Deadline: TBD

LOI Deadline: TBD

Application Deadline: Oct. 16, 2023

Who Can Apply: Mechanisms for independent and mentored researchers are available. 

Purpose: Support research that seeks to better understand the effects of mind-body-spirit wellness, increase adoption of healthy behaviors, and more effectively implement well-being interventions within this population.

Funding: Varies by grant mechanism

Application Deadline: April 1

An American Cancer Society and Flatiron Health, Inc. Collaboration

Who Can Apply: Applicants must be an independent researcher at an eligible US academic institution or non-profit. Applicants must have the necessary training and expertise to conduct research projects using de-identified real-world data.

Purpose: Use real-world data to accelerate cancer research that informs public health and public policy, and, ultimately, improve clinical practice.

Funding: 1 year with $75,000 direct costs, no indirect costs allowed

LOI Required

Application Deadline (if invited): April 1*


Who Can Apply: Members of the ACS research ecosystem (grantees, intramural scientists) who are independent investigators at any career stage.

Purpose: Initiate new, interdisciplinary collaborations within the ACS research ecosystem

Funding: $61,200 total for a 1-year project, no indirect costs

Application Deadline: July 15, 2024

Who Can Apply: Independent investigators at any career stage with a doctoral degree and a full-time faculty appointment or equivalent, who are evaluating changes in the health care system with a focus on cancer

Funding: 4 years with $215K direct costs per year, 10% indirect costs allowed

Deadlines: April 1* and Oct. 15*

Professor Grants

Curious About ACS Professor Awardees?

See the list of all current and previous ACS Professors.

Who Can Apply: Applicants must be at the rank of full professor and have made, and will likely continue to make, impactful contributions to change the direction of cancer research.

Funding: $80,000 direct costs per year for 5-years; renewable

Letter of Intent (LOI) Deadline: Must be submitted between June 1 and August 1 

Application Deadline: October 15

* If the grant application deadline falls on a weekend or holiday, applications will be accepted the following business day. 

Helpful Details About Your Application

All applications are submitted and reviewed through ProposalCentral. The links below give you details about focusing your topic, what to include, and how to format your application.