Kael Reicin

Chief Financial Officer

Kael Reicin serves as the chief financial officer of the American Cancer Society, Inc., the largest nation-wide voluntary health organization raising approximately $700 million annually. Kael also serves as the chief financial officer of the American Cancer Society Cancer Action NetworkSM, a 501(c)4 organization and sister organization of the American Cancer Society.

Kael brings a range of global finance, strategy, and corporate development experience. Prior to joining the American Cancer Society, he served as a chief financial officer at Geller & Company, a firm that provides financial leadership for a leading, multi-billion-dollar financial technology company. He oversaw the financial planning, budgeting, performance indicators, forecasting, and reporting for regulated and non-regulated entities within the company’s largest product group.

Serving in multiple positions with progressive responsibilities, Kael spent more than 10 years at Thomson Reuters, a global media, software, and information firm. Notably, Kael governed the strategic direction of several business units serving the needs of lawyers and compliance and risk professionals on a global basis. This included guiding launches into new customer and geographic markets, the development of innovative software and product lines, large scale acquisitions, and the creation of effective strategic planning processes.

Kael did his undergraduate studies at the University of Pennsylvania and received his MBA from the University of Chicago. When not at work, Kael keeps busy with his wife Kyla and their three children in New Jersey.