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Accelerating ACS Mission for a World Without Cancer

BrightEdge propels groundbreaking patient-centric solutions by investing in the most innovative startup companies to advance science, reduce disparities, and promote health care sustainability.

BrightEdge is the American Cancer Society’s donor-funded, impact venture capital fund. Launched with an initial $25 million investment from the American Cancer Society, the mission-driven investment fund was created to invest in for-profit companies that are developing cutting-edge, cancer-focused therapies and technologies and driving needed solutions to give all people the opportunity to detect and survive cancer.

BrightEdge has set a fundraising and portfolio performance target to help grow the fund to $100M by 2023.

About BrightEdge and The American Cancer Society

BrightEdge is an impact venture capital fund, meaning that the financial returns realized from investments are returned to the American Cancer Society. Donations to BrightEdge become a sustainable source of financial support to the American Cancer Society, diversifying and modernizing the American Cancer Society’s income sources. Investment returns from the BrightEdge portfolio are both reinvested in the BrightEdge fund and used to sustain American Cancer Society’s lifesaving programs in research, access, and health equity. BrightEdge investment decisions are made based on potential for financial return and ability to achieve mission-driven social impact.

BrightEdge builds on the American Cancer Society’s commitment to funding and conducting cancer research and plays a key role in accelerating today’s most promising oncology-focused technologies. Our ability to translate scientific discoveries into accessible cures and solutions depends on investments in entrepreneurial for-profit companies that can validate, develop, and commercialize products and services at scale in the health care marketplace for people facing cancer. BrightEdge plays a unique role alongside traditional venture capital firms by bringing system-level knowledge to early-stage companies at critical points in product development and helping emerging companies access world-class intellectual and human capital as they grow.