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Investing in innovation for impact. Reduce cancer mortality and advance health equity.

BrightEdge propels groundbreaking patient-centric solutions by investing in and supporting the most innovative startup companies to advance science, reduce disparities, and promote healthcare sustainability.

BrightEdge is the innovation, impact investment, and venture capital arm of the American Cancer Society (ACS). Through our donor-funded ACS Impact Venture Fund (AIVF), we further ACS’s mission by investing in for-profit, early-stage companies developing cutting-edge, cancer-focused therapeutics, diagnostics, devices, and technologies to fuel and accelerate our vision of ending cancer as we know it, for everyone.


About BrightEdge and The American Cancer Society

BrightEdge is helping create a stream of alternate income to sustain the critical work being done across our pillars. Donations to BrightEdge become a sustainable source of financial support to the American Cancer Society, diversifying and modernizing the ACS’s income sources. Investment returns from the AIVF portfolio are both reinvested in AIVF to further support new and existing companies in the portfolio and additional proceeds are used to sustain ACS’s lifesaving programs in research, access, and health equity. BrightEdge investment decisions and innovation programming are guided by the mission priorities of ACS and seek to achieve mission-driven social impact through its proprietary Cancer Impact Investment FrameworkTM (CIIFTM).

BrightEdge builds on the American Cancer Society’s commitment to funding and conducting cancer research and plays a key role in accelerating today’s most promising oncology-focused technologies. Our ability to translate scientific discoveries into accessible cures and solutions depends on investments in entrepreneurial for-profit companies that can validate, develop, and commercialize products and services at scale in the healthcare marketplace for people facing cancer. BrightEdge plays a unique role alongside traditional venture capital firms by addressing early-stage funding gaps, incubating high-impact companies, bringing system-level knowledge to companies at critical points in product development, and helping emerging companies access world-class intellectual and human capital as they grow.

Learn how BrightEdge will help improve 1.5 million lives by investing in cancer-focused therapies and technologies in its most recent annual report and infographic.