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What if we could stop cancer before it starts?

Blood cancers are some of the most common cancer diagnoses worldwide – but many of the risk factors associated with these diseases are still unknown. That’s where American Cancer Society researcher Dr. Lauren Teras comes in.

Dr. Teras and her team want to research how infections could play a role in blood cancer development. They're hopeful that this link could lead to new possibilities for prevention strategies. It could be groundbreaking in the fight against cancer.

female chemist looking at red mixture in a glass flask

For years, identifying risk factors for blood cancers like leukemia and non-Hodgkin lymphoma has been difficult. The data was lacking and the right technology didn’t exist. But thanks to revolutionary research developments and a decade’s worth of data, Dr. Teras can finally comprehensively research the link between infections and blood cancers. It will be the largest study of its kind – but we can’t do it without donors like you. 

Funding for these studies doesn’t come from government grants or private institutions. It comes from American Cancer Society supporters. With your help, we can conduct this potentially lifesaving research and get one step closer to a world without cancer. 

Dr. Teras and her team are eager to discover the links that can open the door to new preventive possibilities because they know the best way to fight cancer is to stop it before it starts. Will you help them make it a reality?