HPV Tools and Resources

Tools & Resources

The diversity of the Task Groups allows the Roundtable to address HPV from many different fronts. We focus on working together to improve general public awareness, educate providers, address quality issues and share information.

Submission Criteria

We encourage all National HPV Vaccination Roundtable members and all other interested parties to submit materials (documents, info graphics, posters, toolkits, videos, webllinks, etc.) to the resource area that relate to; and further the goals of the Roundtable. In particular, we welcome submission of materials that support:

  • Positioning of HPV vaccination as a means of cancer prevention.
  • HPV vaccination as a protection against multiple cancers in men and women.
  • Vaccinating adolescents at the optimal ages of 11 to 12 years (optimal vaccination ages). 
  • Bundling HPV vaccination with other adolescent vaccines, given on the same day, in the same way.
  • HPV vaccination in adolescents is safe, effective, and with long lasting benefits
  • Completion of the 3-shot HPV vaccination series for maximum effectiveness.
  • HPV Vaccination of boys and girls for maximum population benefits. 

 We are not looking for, nor do we encourage submission of materials that emphasize or address:

  • HPV vaccination as a means of preventing a sexually transmitted disease (STD control).
  • HPV vaccination in adult women and men (not evidence-based at this time).

 For submissions please email the Roundtable team at HPV.Vaccination.Roundtable@cancer.org