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Accelerating Success

BrightEdge is the philanthropic impact fund of the ACS. We will raise capital from Impact Donors who want to have a more direct approach to philanthropy. We invest in for-profit companies and our goal is to advance the speed of commercial adoption of novel and innovative therapies, diagnostics, devices, and technologies. By doing so, we are democratizing access to these innovative care tools and getting us closer to better ways to prevent, detect, treat, and even cure cancer. BrightEdge has the potential to accelerate the ACS mission by complementing our historical funding of novel and innovative translational research with a focus on investing in companies with commercial solutions addressing large, unmet addressable cancer needs. We’re filling much-needed funding gaps to drive the best ideas to market faster, so cancer patients can benefit from less invasive – and more successful – treatments.


Backed by the American Cancer Society and driven by mission, BrightEdge is poised to have an important impact on the fight for a world without cancer.

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We are an extension of the American Cancer Society, aimed at accelerating delivery of innovative technology to cancer patients.

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We will leverage the American Cancer Society’s expertise and depth of knowledge to identify companies making a measurable impact on cancer. Then utilize a rigorous diligence process to ensure funds are invested wisely.

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As good stewards of the American Cancer Society’s mission and finances, we will hold the patients we serve at the center of every decision.

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We will add value to our portfolio companies by providing mentorship and advice based on the deep experience of BrightEdge leadership and advisors.

What does this mean to the potential Impact Donor? Put simply, it means that you could be part of the next great breakthrough in cancer treatment.


We are entering an era of tremendous biological advances, making this the right time to invest in biotech and life science enterprises. Within the next decade, we’ll see many more advances in:


We've invested $4.8 billion in research funding – comprising 31,000 grants to more than 24,000 investigators and trainees at more than 1,100 institutions – since 1946.


47 ACS-funded principal investigators have gone on to win the Nobel Prize.


Over 800 grants are active at any given time totaling over $400 million.


More than 5,000 scientific experts (scientists, clinicians, and health professionals) are involved in our programs as grantees, reviewers, trainees, and
ACS staff.


Currently, the American Cancer Society is funding 142 awards for professorships to research professors across the US.


71% of NCI-designated Cancer Center Directors have received ACS funding.

Building on the American Cancer Society’s success in identifying the best and the brightest researchers, BrightEdge will identify the best and bright entrepreneurs commercializing breakthroughs.


We are entering an era of tremendous biological advances, making this the right time to invest in translational research. Within the next decade, we’ll see many more advances in:


What does all this mean to potential Impact Donors? Put simply, it means that you will have insights on where your dollars are invested, track our portfolio companies' success, and be part of the next great breakthrough in cancer treatment.

All donations are tax-deductible

Regular reporting and engagement to track progress and impact

Annual Impact Donor Conference to meet our portfolio and fellow impact donors

Access to a community of
innovators and transformational philanthropists

Returns will be reinvested in the American Cancer Society’s research and mission

Corporate donors can join with the American Cancer Society to help lead the fight for a world with out cancer


BrightEdge comprises two advisory councils and an operating team. Our scientific advisory council allows us to identify the best research in which to invest, and our venture advisory council will help us seek out and structure a smart portfolio that will lead to successful ventures, economic return for additional investments in research, and most importantly, outcomes for cancer patients.

Portrait of Gary Reedy - CEO

Gary Reedy - ACS CEO

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Sharon Byers – Chief Development, Marketing & Communications Officer

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Rob King – ACS SVP of Strategic Initiatives and Business Integration

MaryLisabeth Rich Headshot

MaryLis Rich – ACS Vice President, Principal Partnerships

Portrait of Bob Crutchfield

Bob Crutchfield – Managing Director of BrightEdge Ventures

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David Heenan – Director, BrightEdge Campaign Operations

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Arnold M. Baskies, MD, FACS

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Robert A. Ingram

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Ray Lane

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Amit Kumar, PhD

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Andrew Lo, PhD

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Bruce N. Barron

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Carl June, MD

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Arul Chinnaiyan, MD, PhD

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Daniel Sullivan, MD

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John Lazo, PhD