Erin McGlynn

Director of Estate and Gift Planning

Region covered: Minnesota

Erin McGlynn is the Director of Estate and Gift Planning for Minnesota, based in the Eagan office. Erin's background is a great match for what it takes to be successful in her market. Over the years she has gained a first-hand knowledge of her four counties geographic market. This has enabled her to build and develop relationships with a variety of professionals in the business world, as well as within her social circles. Her past employment history includes a training background for software classes to business development, sales, and marketing at senior management levels where she globally and locally managed and executed trade shows, conferences, and events. Erin has a sincere and caring heart as evidenced by her extensive nonprofit volunteer background with numerous organizations, including the ACS. This has involved serving in various board positions to event chairmen positions. Erin received her Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from the University of California, Santa Barbara.

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