Daniela Dudas, MPH

Senior Director, Study and Biospecimen Management, Epidemiology Research Program

Daniela M. Dudas, MPH is an epidemiologist and one of the two directors of the Study and Biospecimen Management Group that is responsible for collecting and processing all incoming data from CPS-II and CPS-3 participants for epidemiologic studies. Dudas co-manages the budget allocated to study management as well as co-leads a team of 10 staff and various vendors to ensure proper data collection and processing from surveys, medical records, National Death Index linkage, and cancer registries.

Dudas’s work focuses on a few major areas. First, Dudas coordinates and supervises the development, mailing and processing of CPS-II surveys (every two years) and CPS-3 surveys (every three years). Utilizing incoming survey data, she manages the process that reviews data and generates mailing files to contact participants requesting consent to obtain medical records, and creates reported cancer files for each survey cycle. She also manages the verification of CPS-II deaths from the National Death Index and maintains the CPS-II Master and Mortality files used in analyses. Next, she supervises and maintains the Tracking system for the CPS-II participants in the Nutrition Cohort and for CPS-3 participants. In addition, she creates user documentation, forms and procedures to process CPS-II and CPS-3 data and maintains documentation for all systems. Lastly, she manages the vendor relationship responsible for the development, mailing and processing of study surveys and supervises the work and training of a staff of four ACS employees (including those responsible for participant contact) and one contractor.

For almost two decades, Dudas has worked in the Study Management Group at the American Cancer Society and has played a role in all major decisions involving data collection, processing and maintenance. At the beginning of her career with ACS in 1997, she provided key input into the design of a SAS-based tracking system for the CPS-II cohort and later in 2006 for the CPS-3 cohort. Under her supervision, two new tracking systems were created to monitor the process of obtaining medical records for participants recently diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and ALS. In 2002, she changed the way the Epidemiology Research Program confirms questionable National Death Index matches by utilizing free online resources versus obtaining death certificates from individual states; this continues to result in biennial savings of $200,000+. In 2007, she was instrumental in moving all CPS-II and CPS-3 survey images stored on CDs onto a secure server that can now be accessed by multiple study management staff. And last, in 2005 her responsibilities expanded to include providing input in CPS-3 study design; having full responsibility for data management of CPS-3; and, by 2009, overseeing staff who were assisting potential or already enrolled CPS-3 participants with study-related questions.

Dudas joined the American Cancer Society Epidemiology Research Program in 1997 as a summer intern and four weeks later accepted the position of epidemiologist in the Study Management Group. She has no prior work history.

• MPH, Epidemiology, Rollins School of Public Health, Emory University, 1997
• BS, Biology, Shorter College, 1995